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Group GTD Outlook Solution?

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  • Group GTD Outlook Solution?

    Does anyone know of a good software, website, best practices white paper or other source to help me configure outlook so that my team can share project tasks? We often work together on a project.

    I am a long-time use of the add-in, but it is strictly single user. What I'd like to do is have the ability for each person on the team to see what each other person has as next actions per project. This would allow us to answer "who is working on the network diagram for Acme?" and similar questions.

    Something as simple as a shared (public) folder containing tasks grouped by project might work if groupable by person. But everyone would have to create or copy their tasks there and I don't think the add-in supports that.
    I know there is a mechanism in Outlook for assigning a task to someone else but I don't know it that integrates with the add-in.

    I really hate to abandon the add-in but am willing to do so if necessary.

    I have experimented with OL business contact manager, which has project tasks, but I can't quite figure out how to set it up for GTD.

    By the way, I have OL2007, Windows XP.