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Using Microsoft Outlook with Lotus Notes

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  • Using Microsoft Outlook with Lotus Notes

    For years, I have been a BIG advocate of using Microsoft Outlook both at home and at work for an organizational tool and for its flexibility. At my new employer, I find myself in a Lotus Notes environment, and the interface of the Notes client is far less flexible, by comparison. Has anyone found a way to simply substitute Microsoft Outlook as a the "front-end" client for a Notes Server, and regain the flexibility it provides for email, tasks, calendar, and address book, without impacting I.T. on the backend?

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    I have basically the same problem... The only solution that I have been able to come up with is installing Outlook on my work PC as a stand-alone planner and using Notes for e-mail and group calendar.

    Up until now, I used the Palm Desktop in place of Outlook. Today I installed Outlook as a stand-alone app. All I do is simply duplicate my appointments that are generated in Notes into Outlook.

    It's some what of a pain, but it works for me.


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      Notes and Outlook

      Same issue here. We are standardized on Notes, but I like Outlook. What I do is use Notes for the shared databases, but I have Outlook setup to do all of my email, contacts, calendar, etc. Of course the calendar is only a stand-alone and can't be use as a shared or group calendar (I have to use Notes for that). But, I was able to setup outlook to access our Domino email server by listing it as an "Internet email" server and specifying the IP address of the Domino server. Drives my IT people crazy, but they tolerate it.


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        Two possible solutions for Outlook capabilities w/Lotus Note

        Depening on what you are allowed to do by your IS folks, here are two possible solutions to your situation.

        First, it is possible to use Outlook as a "front-end" to Lotus Notes for e-mail. This can be done using the IMAP connectivity or as a simple e-mail client. You lose many of the cool features of Notes but you have the Outlook Client that you desire.

        Second, you may want to take a look to see what I have done with Lotus Notes. I have configured the Lotus Notes Default E-Mail template to use the GTD organization system. (See I have been using this template for over 4 years and it has been stable in its present format for the past two. The screen shots and narrative may give you some ideas for organizing your own systems.

        Best of success to you.

        Eric Mack


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          Answer re: Outlook & Lotus Notes

          Outlook Connector (requires OL 2002) synchs Outlook w/ Notes 5/Domino server. Free download from MS. Have been using 2-3 weeks, so far works as advertised.


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            XTNDConnect PC

            XTNDConnect PC will allow Notes and Outlook to sync. It allows PC to PDA syncing as well. It is very versatile.