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PPC third party apps for improving GTD

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  • PPC third party apps for improving GTD

    I'd like opinions on Pocket Informant vs. Agenda Fusion. The issue I'm trying to solve is maintaining my Categories for notes and tasks after syncing my PC to my IPAC PPC.

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    I use & love Pocket Informant.

    The categories link very well with tasks on a PPC, you can even have multiple categories that carry through, but I haven't noticed that capability with notes. I don't think Pocket Outlook database has that capability, however, if I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

    I like Pocket Informant for the reasons that I can use colors for different categories, Icons - especially on the monthly calendar. My hubby works shift work, and just by viewing the monthly calendar, I can tell what shift he's on for whatever day we're looking for. That's likely the main reason I bought Pocket Informant. However, I also tried to use Agenda Fusion before buying PI. AF just didn't have that calendar capability I require. (or at least I wasn't able to find it).

    There are two very definate groups - one for PI and one for AF. For me it's PI, but AF users have their reasons for loving that program.

    Check out the Pocket Informant Website, there's a great message board there that has plenty of useful information, and bright individuals who can answer just about any question. The message board I've found for AF is
    at There may be posts there that would explain that product better.

    Good luck. I do recommend testing the trials of both to see which one suits you personally the best. It seems to be a personal thing.



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      I'm very hppy with PI. Having said that, AF and PI were very similar last time I compared them, and appeared to be happy to copy one another's features. They seemed to be leap-frogging one another, so it will be worth seeing who is ahead right now.

      In particular, PI gives a good view of agenda + due tasks on a single screen (dated tasks - heresy!! but I get to tick them off, which feels great! Actually, you just need to understand that a dated task is a hard entry in the diary and it's OK)

      What do you use notes for? I use voice notes for data capture, but process everything onto a task/diary entry or a Listpro list.