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  • Tablet PC

    Is anyone using the new table pc? Are you finding it effective the the GTD methodology?

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    Bill Gates doesn't.

    As we know from the "note taking" topic BillG currently uses paper for note taking so I do not expect him to waste time entering these notes into tablet pc. If he doesn't use it - then who?


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      I have been using a Tablet PC for about a year (I'm a habitual early adopter) and I find it to be an incredibly useful tool. It is my only business machine now and it's been great to grab the Tablet, leave the office and and know I have everything I need.

      I take notes on it during client meetings, and after the first few oohs and ahs and questions, it is no different than taking notes on paper... that is until I need to get my notes to the client, my team or to my boss. At that point, it's simply a matter of copying/pasteing sections of text into Word or Outlook. No more re-writing anything, in fact, I can easily hand write in Word if I want to.

      I saw the same article about Gates, and it made me wonder, but I know that I am more productive using a Tablet.

      The first versions were somewhat slow and underpowered, but there are many new ones available now or coming soon, that are just as powerful as your standard laptop.

      p.s. not that it needs to be said, but I don't work for Microsoft or a Tablet PC vendor.


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        Tablet PC

        I have also been using the tablet PC were about a year I use the tablet and is my primary machine. The productivity gains have been tremendous.
        I am new to getting things done. I am working on developing my system using the new software called one note. It appears like you can create the entire list system in a unified place. I would be interested in collaborating with someone and developing templates that we all could use.


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          Tablet PC's

          I too have been using a Tablet PC for about a year. Quickly adopted it as my only computer. Got rid of the desktop computers, implemented GtD in the little Franklin-Covey application. TabletPlanner is slower than OneNote, but better geared towards moving discrete tasks and projects around.

          For GtD I could do it on paper just as easily as I do it on a computer, and did, but it takes a lot more space, and is more difficult to manage on paper. I tavel a lot, and the Tablet has replaced an awful lot of paper, gizmos, laptops, desktops, etc.

          I like using handwriting on the Tablet, and convert almost nothing to into straight text.

          It's kind of Zen-like! A giant assortment of 'stuff' now resides in an 1"x12" box. And yes, I have a backup unit in a drawer, awaiting the inevitable hardware failure.


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            tablet pc

            I love my tablet PC and would like to use the Franklin-Covey software for gtd how did you do it. I use gtd with a ppc and sync to outlook but copy an enormous amount of stuff using the internal printer and would like to just use one machine.


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              I am *inches* away from buying a Tablet PC; what kinds are people using? Like the idea of collaborating on OneNote. What's the next action?


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                Re: Honore

                Originally posted by Honore
                I am *inches* away from buying a Tablet PC; what kinds are people using? Like the idea of collaborating on OneNote. What's the next action?
                My suggestion is to check out

                They have a specific forum for each major Tablet PC brand and all of them are very active with user comments, kudos and criticisms.