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Any Mac users out there?

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  • Any Mac users out there?

    Boy do I feel left out, with all of this "Ecco Pro" talk going on. Are there any GTD-ers using this forum who are on Macs? Right now I'm using Entourage (2001, not OS X) for my master task list (moderately useful) and Palm desktop for contacts. Yes, this hybrid system is confusing and somewhat silly, but I like to have my tasks and my email together (often I make tasks out of email), and haven't been able to successfully import Palm info to Entourage.

    What does anyone else use?

    I've been trying out a few of the new OS X shareware programs such as Slacker and Ideaspiral, but nothing has stuck.

    For anyone who has tried Entourage X, is it worth the upgrade?

    OS X is taking some getting used to (seems to me they're made it more like Windows...WHY?) but I'm going with it.


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    Mac users

    Yes I am a Mac user.

    I have a Visor because it came with the Mac connection with the software. I am using it just for the vanilla lists and memos that David outlned. I also enter appts in there. I want to upgrade to system 10 and I want 2 new imacs for the office. I am waiting because the key software I use for the law office is a system called Amicus. It started out as a Mac product and then went to pc mostly. They have ceased support for the Mac until they come out with their brand new totally updated System 10 compliant Mac version 6. Unfortunately they havent given us a date for this to happen. Having tried everything out there I love this product and dont want to change. So I am in limbo. Its ok since system 9.2 is working fine and its a major expense to change systems.Two new loaded imacs 4000, new laser printer 1000-1500 plus new versions of Microsoft office quicken and amicus, plus the reconfiguration of the airport, dsl etc. I figure closer than not to $10,000.00. Its not the machines its all the other stuff besides.
    I have also learned the hard way not to get the first version of anything. My powerbook G3 is a great loaded expensive machine. but because I got the first version it doesnt have a connection to sync my visor to the desktop. Very very annoying.
    I cant help with the email. I use outlook express. Any emails I need for specific cases get hardcopied into the file and or entered into Amicus. My mailing lists that contain info I may need stay in seperate folders or I use their archive.
    Thanks for starting this thread. I hope other Mac users respond.


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      Mac stuff

      Hi Mardo.

      Re: Synching Visor to desktop, I assume you mean it's a hardware problem, right? At one point I had that problem with an old Palm/Powerbook 190, but was able to find an adaptor. I'm sure you've looked, but just making sure.

      Re: Visor software, from what I understand they haven't even produced an OS X update yet!

      I don't use a handheld PC. As mentioned above, I had a very early Palm Pilot, but I never developed a real affinity for it and gave it to a friend who wanted one very badly. I should probably investigate them again. I know everyone says you can't live without one...


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        Another Mac user here. I have a year-old iMac at my home office (I'm a freelancer) and a three-year-old iBook for the road, and also a Visor Edge (I also got the Visor because it synced with the Mac). I do use OS X, and Entourage X, and I would love it if they could get the OS X-Entourage-Handpsring conduit working. Right now I don't do GtD on the desktop, just on the Visor, but I think I would if the sync to Entourage worked. I have Entourage open all the time and like the look of its calendar and task list (as opposed to Palm Desktop). I also have all my contacts in Entourage, another reason it would be nice to sync with the Visor address book. On the Visor, my main add-on applications are Shadow and DateBook5, both of which are great.


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          Hey Mac Users

          I just got in to GTD and love it. It seems that I have used almost every configuration of productivity managers out there over the years and I feel like I finally have found a home. I am also a power mac user and it took me a couple of days to figure out how I was going to integrate GTD in my existing system, but I finally figured it out and it works great.

          I know being a Mac user in a PC world you need to be extra creative to get systems to work so I thought I would pass on my system to all of you other Mac users who care to read.

          My gear and software list is as follows:

          G4 T-Powerbook
          Handspring TREO
          Filemaker Pro Custom Database
          Palm Software
          Entourage for OS X. (Part of the OS X Office Suite)

          We have a custom built Filemaker Pro Database that we use as a contact manager. I take the contacts that I want to carry on my Palm and export them from the Filemaker Pro Database to the Palm OS.

          I use the latest version of the Palm software for OS X for my contacts, calendars, appointments and GTD.

          For GTD, I create a to do's title in the to do section of the Palm software (Example Committments To Others, Phone Calls, Emails etc.) and then I create a memo with the same name in the memos section. I put all of my actionable tasks in the memo and then attach the memo to the to do. That way when it is on my desktop and my Palm, I can see my actionable tasks quickly, I can add, delete, update and rearrange priorities quickly as well.

          I only use Entourage for email. I do not use the To Do or calendar functions. The reason is, that I like the Palm interface better and it syncs easier with my TREO. (For those of you not familiar with the TREO it is a Palm, GSM cell phone and has the capability to send and receive wireless email as well as browse the web using GPRS).

          I leave Entourage and Palm up and running on my desktop all day and enter actionable items as they come up. When I leave the office I sync to my TREO and everything I need goes with me.

          I also carry a small 8" x 6" leather folder with a 5 x 7 lined pad, business cards and a pen /pencil / palm stylus combo pen so that I can take quick written notes for my in basket.

          I went through the Mac Forum posts and have some comments about what people said...I know it's been awhile since these messages were posted so please bear with me.

          Jane M. Only make the switch to OSX when you have a little bit of downtime, there will be issues...As far as Entourage there are no major differences between the way Entourage for 2001 and the OSX version work other than operating within the new Aqua interface. However there are quite a few advantages to going to OS X.

          Mardo: I hope they come out with an OSX version of Amicus for you soon.

          I'm a little confused by the Powerbook G3 comment...are you saying that it has a serial connector instead of a USB connector and that is why you cannot sync to your desktop. If that is the case (as Jane mentioned) there are quite a few adaptors on the market (both serial to USB and USB to serial) that should do the trick.

          There is a new OS X version of the Palm software which came out around Sept / Oct. I have used it easily on my Handspring TREO for a couple of months now with no issues.


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            I'm a mac user. I use a G4 at work and a TiPowerBook at home. I keep my GTD lists on the powerbook using Entourage. I am not entirely satisfied with Entourage because I find it makes my weekly reviews cumbersome. I am considering switching to Omnioutliner for GTD lists.

            I don't have any problem synching Entourage with my visor. I have not yet figured out how to synch the two Macs. I suppose I could synch with the handheld and then synch the handheld with the other Mac. The problem is that Entourage allows more than one category and the handheld will not. Entourage's use of more than one category is critical. It is the best feature of Entourage as far as GTD is concerned. A next action can be listed under the category for the project and also in a context oriented place such as @a calls, or @waiting for.

            Rob Blau


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              Mac users

              Thanks for the info on the adapter for the PBG3. My new computer guy is coming in to install OX10 onto one computer so we can get use to it before buying a G4 and a new IMAC next year. He is also bringing an adapter.

              The timing was terrific. My dsl connection is /was Direct TV internet. My former computer repair guy highly reccomended them and it was a good service. unfortuantely last week they sent an email saying this is your 30 day termination of service notice we are getting out of the dsl business. the cable people were here this morning and this afternoon the hookup change should be final.

              It's great to see some Mac talk here. Anyone in a service business? If so what are you using for billing software now that Timeslips wont support system 10?


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                Re: Mac users

                Originally posted by Mardo
                Anyone in a service business? If so what are you using for billing software now that Timeslips wont support system 10?
                I don't bill with it, but I keep track of my hours wth Time Track Carbon.

                Jane M.


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                  Re: Any Mac users out there?

                  Originally posted by Jane M.

                  What does anyone else use?

                  I'm partial to Life Balance from



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                    I use StopWatch Plus to keep track of hours, although it doesn't do billing, either.


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                      The first version of Entourage I've had access to is X, and it syncs with palm perfectly, so I'd say it is really worthwhile.


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                        Re: Mac users - billing & time tracking

                        Originally posted by Mardo
                        ...It's great to see some Mac talk here. Anyone in a service business? If so what are you using for billing software now that Timeslips wont support system 10?
                        I suggest TimeSlice. There is a learning curve, but it's powerful, flexible and it does generate invoices. I'm a user but not otherwise affiliated with the product.

                        Try this link:



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                          Mac-based GTD

                          Llamagraphics' Life Balance is women-owned and coded, and was originally developed for the Mac/Palm platform, (it's now available for Windows). It also has a desktop component which syncs very well with their Palm software.

                          It combines three functions: an outliner (great for making lists and sub-projects), a calendar, and a to-do list which is related to both the outliner and the calendar. What is very diificult to grasp quickly, and what is also not at all GTD-recommended practice, is that the software allocates priorities as to which items show up in your daily to-do list. It makes a crucial distinction between what is "important" (file taxes; get a life); and what is "urgent" (call dentist about toothache; pay rent today), with the emphasis very firmly on what is "important". Therefore "pay rent today" can easily show up 10 items below "get a life" on your daily to-do list ...with possibly disasterous results.

                          To be fair to Life Balance, it is not designed to help you Get Things Done; It s designed to help you balance your priorities in ALL aspects of your life. To this end, it encourages you to put non-work related goals and tasks into the system.

                          I spent/lost about a week trying to figure out how to best use Life Balance(which has an active GTD user base in its discussion groups). I do like it. However, I am not using it on a daily basis, mainly because it's not good for calendaring, and also because it does not have a contact manager built in.

                          Another possibility is Daylite for Mac OSX, from This has a beautiful, very slick OSX interface and is trying to be the Mother of all Swiss Army Knives, combining an ACT-like sales tracking program, a Personal Information Manager with Tasks and Projects, and a Calendar?appointment Manager. I had hoped this would be the program for me--but its task management capability is its weakest point. Looks great, but incredibly disappointing and frustrating in practice

                          Sometimes, I wonder if writing my own program in FileMaker Pro (which basicallyanyone can do) wouldn't be the best solution; alternatively,b using a good OS X outliner (like OmniOutliner) would probably be best for GTD lists.

                          So I STILL haven't found the perfect solution....!


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                            Mac Users

                            Guido, I too have been evaluating Daylite, the Market Circle program. I am a lawyer and the premier law office management program Amicus, which orginally was a Mac project, went to the dark side and stopped updating the Mac version. For over a year now they have said they are coming out with a new version for the Mac but won't say when. Last time I checked they had taken mention of it off their web site. I called and they said they still think they are going to go forward with a Mac version maybe by the end of this year. I have converted one computer that's not airported with the others to system 10 and I love it. I want to buy two new computers and go completely to system 10 this year. I need a back up. Market Circle looks like it may do what I need it to do-Linking Projects, clients, related people, plenty of space for notes and to do's but it's definitely going to take some time and does not have any timing. A lot of it, the sales prospects stuff, is geared toward sales people. The time and billing issue is another problem since Time slips is no longer supporting the Mac and wont due a system 10. the MacLaw listserv is working on developing their own system. I would be interested in hearing more about what you think of Market Circle.


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                              Project manager/mind mapper for Mac & Palm

                              Glad to hear I'm not the only one trying to make this work.

                              I'm looking for suggestions on how to make GTD work with OSX and a Palm IIIc. I use entourage for email, and would like to keep the system as streamlined as possible.

                              Entourage's task manager just doesn't seem sufficient for projects bigger than 'wash the car' and I don't like how critical links between information are lost in the sync to palm. And other than time-specific events, there's no way for hot actions to rise up to my attention.

                              Also looking for some practical advice on incorporating the '50,000 foot' (big life stuff) specifics into this system- I've considered keeping this separate as a mind-map but I don't trust that I'll keep on it if it's not right at hand.

                              Any advice? Also reachable at Thanks.