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App for sync'ing Outlook (w/add-in) to iPhone?

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  • App for sync'ing Outlook (w/add-in) to iPhone?

    Does anyone out there know which iPhone app (if any) is the best for syncing my GTD lists on Outlook with my iPhone? I rely heavily on the NetCentrics add-in to Outlook and have very well developed lists that I am currently unable to keep also on my iPhone. I have no idea why Apple decided not to give the iPhone the ability to sync completley with Outlook, but all I get are contacts and calendar. If I could see my lists with it it woudl be a near perfect device for me.

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    Key Tasks?

    I noticed Chapura came out with an iPhone app called, I think, Key Tasks. It might be worth looking into.

    I use Omni Focus (Mac, iPhone) myself now but my prior system was a Outlook, The Add-In, Key Suite and a Treo 650. The sync in my experience was close to bullet proof.

    I hope they have the same success with the iPhone.

    - Mark