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Using Things for Home and Outlook for Work

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  • Using Things for Home and Outlook for Work

    New GTD user here. I purchased Things for my iPod Touch and also my home Mac. It is working well for me for my personal activities. ( However, at work I use a Windows PC and Outlook 2007. I don't use Outlook at all at home since I switched to Mac a year ago.

    I'm curious to hear of best practices related to managing two different systems - one for work and one for home. Not ideal, but I'm sure others have had the same problem. Really trying to avoid too much paper. I carry my Touch with me most of the time so if a task pops into my mind related to home, I jot it down immediately. I'll also add work related items to the Inbox in Things if I'm not at my work computer.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    - John

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    This is the beauty of the various web-based solutions (Toodledo, Nozbe, Vitalist, etc). They work on any PC, and most have good apps and/or sites for iPhone/Touch.

    The downside that you'd have to completely retool your efforts, but it may be worth it.


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      Originally posted by waxwing View Post
      I'll also add work related items to the Inbox in Things if I'm not at my work computer.
      Have you tried emailing work items from Things (Touch version) into Outlook to get them into the right system asap?


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        Great idea. This will work when I'm at home since I'll have Internet access. While at work, I can't connect to our wireless network with my Touch but I can manually transfer from the Touch into Outlook.

        I really haven't used Outlook much for GTD and I'm currently reviewing the whitepaper on the subject. I'm a fair advanced user with categories and automated rules so I think I'll catch on quickly to modifying it for GTD.

        It would be nice, however, to tie the systems together. Thanks for the ideas.


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          I keep my two systems separate. If I think of something at work for my home system I either write it in the back page of my notebook, to go into the in-tray when I get home, or more effectively I send an e-mail to my home e-mail address.