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Questions regarding the products 30112 & 39003

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  • Questions regarding the products 30112 & 39003


    We have been searching a reliable system for a long time. As a result, over the last 2 months I have read about a dozen Time Management books.

    GTD's system is by far the most comprehensive and practical of all. I have already read it several times and bought copies to colleagues and friends.

    I introduced it to my supervisor and we are interested in many products.

    However, we have some questions for particularly two products:

    1. Regarding the product "trifold note taker wallet - 30112", except from pocket for cash is there any pocket for small change?

    Because we cannot quite understand from the photo and its description.

    And, if not, is there any similar wallet, which has also pocket for change?
    This addition would be very practical.

    2. Regarding the product "Calendar - 39003" and its measurements, is there any smaller version?

    I mean, it would be ideal if it could fit in the inside pocket of a suit or jacket.

    Thanks in advance for your time

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    I don't actually have the Notetaker Wallet, but I wanted to add that the lack of a change pocket or similar is what has prevented me from buying one. I live in Britain; we don't have one dollar bills, we have one pound coins - so lots of change, and as a female I usually don't have pockets for carrying that change.

    However, I would love to be proved wrong about the Notetaker Wallet having a change pocket by someone that actually owns one!


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      No small change pocket.

      Originally posted by amateur View Post
      1. Regarding the product "trifold note taker wallet - 30112", except from pocket for cash is there any pocket for small change?
      There is no small change pocket in both Standard and Trifold Notetaker Wallets but I do not need this feature - I use separate wallet for my money.


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        @ Spoonfed

        We have the same issue (lots of change) because of EURO.
        However, the majority of my colleagues are more interested in there is a smaller version of the "Calendar".


        This is what the majority does.
        However, it would be more convenient and practical if we could have one wallet that combines the features of the "trifold note taker wallet" and the "common" wallet.

        with Regards