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Tasks - Managing With A Smartphone

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  • Tasks - Managing With A Smartphone

    I'm having big problems with Windows Mobile and need either a solution or suggestions for some type of work around.

    • I'm using Outlook for my calendar and tasks.
    • I also have a Motorola Q9c, which runs Windows Mobile 6.1
    • I sync to both a desktop (Vista) and a laptop (XP Pro)
    • I've got Jello Dashboard installed on Outlook and Oxios ToDo List installed on my phone.

    Functionality Requirements:
    • The solution has to be electronic, not paper based
    • I want to keep the ability to assign multiple categories to a specific task (e.g. "Agenda" and "Next!")
    • I want to be able to do my weekly reviews on either PC, and sync the changes to the other computer
    • I need to be able to export the list to Excel, or some other type of file that I can share with my boss

    Current Problem
    • In theory, I should be able to do all of this with Windows Mobile. Reality is far different.
    • The sync relationships between my phone and the PCs keeps breaking. If I sync to one PC, I have to break and reestablish the relationship with the other PC.
    • If I update a task one PC (e.g. the desktop) and then sync to the other PC (e.g. the laptop) the older version of the task overwrites the newer version. It does not matter which PC I update the task on.
    • Sprint, my carrier, does not have a clue of how to resolve these issues. (I just sent a strongly-worded letter to the CEO asking for a free, new phone)


    I'm open to most electronic (not paper ) solutions, including something that is web based or involves a different phone. (I am on Sprint and would need to break my contract to switch carriers.)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Remember the Milk (RTM) is great for managing project and task lists and I think they may have an application, MilkSync for Windows Mobile, which can solve your problem. I have not used the MilkSync app and don't know all the details, but RTM has worked great for me. I think it will allow you to sync either 'over the air' or with a cradle.

    The MilkSync details are here.

    A great post about using RTM for GTD is here.


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      I heard some rumors that there is gonna be a NextAction! version for Windows Mobile soon.

      As I love it on my BlackBerry I believe it would be perfect for you.