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Outlook help for new users

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  • Outlook help for new users

    After years of 'voluntary simplicity' (using Palm Desktop and Eudora), I am trying to get to grips with Outlook 2002. It has enough features and integration of all the obvious stuff that it appears to be worthwhile, despite the potential for distraction.

    Most importantly, I will possibly be starting a new job that is fully Outlook/Exchange oriented.

    Here's the question: What are the best sources of info for learning this program and its integration with Office etc.? Any tips on books or web sites would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Check out the following:

    How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (How to Do Everything)

    You can find it on, or any decent book store.

    I've used the "How to Do Everything" series before, (for my Palm) and while they tend to be chatty in tone, the info you receive is worth the investment.


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      Microsoft's assistance page is also helpful:

      I find that when I need to learn how to do something in Outlook, I can often find the answer here.