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Outlook Add-In Equivalent Linux

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  • Outlook Add-In Equivalent Linux

    I'm considering moving our small firm off of a hosted Exchange/Outlook environment to Zimbra or Evolution on Linux (also hosted). I've played with Ubuntu enough for about 8 weeks to feel that we could make a go of this on our notebook/desktop machines. We're a tech firm, and are small enough, that we can just way we're going to do this, and work it all out.

    The rub is that I rely heavily on the on the GTD Outlook add-in for processing email, and essentially running my life. While I could run this under a virtual machine or Wine, I'd rather find something native.

    The GTD add-in for Outlook ain't perfect, but it does work for me enough that finding a way to organically process email, with native calendaring, and task management (that's context aware) is pretty critical. We also rely heavily on group calendaring, so having the something that's group oriented, would be great. This is actually a weakness of the current GTD outlook add-in.

    Using multiple tools that don't have email built-in to the workflow will not work for me.

    I've seen some other threads here on this, but thought I'd put this out there...

    Doesn't look like the GTD plug-in is seeing much development activity, am curious as to what's going on there?