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Daynotez or Datebk5 daily journal?

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  • Daynotez or Datebk5 daily journal?

    I want to use a journal format to take down daily notes and jot everything down in one place on Palm. I heard great things about daynotez (and I use bonsai from the same company). I also have the datebk5 which has a daily journal entry option.

    My question is, what would I gain by purchasing and using the daynotez? I have downloaded the daynotez trial and used it, but I did not see something that convinced me to spend $25 (including desktop version). What am I missing? Appreciate any inputs.


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    I love the search functions on Daynotez. You can filter by category, then by project, and then by keyword, or contact. It also has a follow up flag.

    All this is great, but it is the simple Desktop component that makes it worthwhile for me.


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      I have both programs but prefer DayNotez for that purpose.


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        I own both Datebk5 and Daynotez. I like Daynotez for logging because it doesn't give me the calendar overhead. Also, I use it on my desktop where it is handy for phone meeting notes. Finally, I took notes in Datebk5 when I was on vacation once and found that I lose the logs if I do a purge in Datebk5. I want to be able to clean out old appointments without removing my notes.

        Yes, Daynotez looks pretty boring, but it is simple and effective for taking notes and logging information.


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          You might try DESJournal. It works with the built-in calendar and stores your journal notes as a note in the datebook. It's freeware, but it still has some decent features. Grab the latest non-beta version if you use PalmOS 3.5 or above (the latest beta version is for PalmOS 3.1 and below, I believe). You can get it here:

          There's also a free utility (not by the same author as DESJournal) that allows you to collect all of the journal notes and save them in a separate file or print them out. The name of the utility escapes me, at the moment, but it will allow you to avoid the problem of losing notes described by the other poster.


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            I have a friend who created the same thing - in a much simpler way, without additional software.

            She simply created an untimed event each day (NOT a repeating event). She called it "DRoE" or "Journal," and treated it like the right-hand page of a paper planner.

            I have to admit I was a little jealous that she thought of something so obvious so quickly! (lol)

            Of course - if you wanted to improve on this simple concept - you could also start the title of each with a shortcut "TimeDate Stamp."