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    To all Vitalist/iPhone users, I just figured this one out:

    I was frustrated by the Vitalist iPhone interface because I couldn't (for example) get to my Calls list without going to Options and filtering by the Calls context.

    I just figured out that while you're on the online version, you can click on "New Search" in the "smart searches" box on the left hand side and save a new search there. I'd been doing this for a long time. What I learned: when you have a saved search, it becomes available on the main menu of the iPhone version. Then, when you click on your saved search, it is defined by its URL, which means that when you view that saved search, you can just save that smart search to your iPhone home screen.

    I defined a smart search for all of my contexts. Now, I have links on my home screen that map directly to my Calls, @home, @office, errands, and other vital contexts so that I can bring up those lists with just one touch.

    This actually makes Vitalist (in my opinion) better than the native iPhone apps out there. Since you can only have one home screen icon for each iPhone app, you have to launch the app and then choose your context. There's no way to put a home screen link directly to a context link, or even to a custom search with more than one context. Now, when I hop into the car on the way home, I have a home screen icon called "Drive Home" mapped to my smart search for the Errands and Calls contexts -- it lets me see whether I should stop on the way home to pick something up or make a call if I get stuck in traffic.

    Hope this helps someone else.