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We need your input for a new GTD application

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  • We need your input for a new GTD application

    Hi everybody,

    I’m involved in a new project for my university. The project is based on the creation of an on-line application focused on task management, following the GTD philosophy (Getting tings done)(

    I want to add two complementary functions:

    1- Time tracking , to calculate the time dedicated to each task
    2- Expand the tools that will allow management of the tasks among the diferent user groups with diferent rols

    The ultimate goal of this post is to receive your input about the applications currenty availabe and what they are missing and what would you like to see in a new one. The goal is to come up with a more complete and friendly user application

    We thank you in advance for all your comments and valuable input.

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    You need a good plan of attack. I'd suggest looking at ToodleDo and Nozbe, then figure out how to do it better than them. You've got quite a lot of work to even catch either of them, so good luck.


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      Weekly Review?

      I would suggest a test case that walks through a weekly review using the DAC-style template. For me a true GTD application has to start there.

      - Mark


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        David would probably say:

        "get it as simple as possible but no simpler"

        I'm very interrested in the way an email can be converted to a task. My main input is through e-mail (so much so that i use my e-mail as a taskmanager and send myself an e-mail when i get new input).

        What i am missing at the moment is a possibility to add a next action to an e-mail just like you have a subject or a sender attachted to the e-mail. This should be done in one of the header fields of the mail so my imap server automatically synchronizes it.......