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Need to sync lotus notes (7) to Outlook 2003

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  • Need to sync lotus notes (7) to Outlook 2003

    As the title says, I need to sync lotus notes with Outlook 2003.

    This is because I have just got an iPhone and cannot sync (without paying), my iPhone with lotus notes, but I can sync it with Outlook 2003.

    I have found the software, Outlook Connect and Outlook Connect 12.1

    Outlook Connector

    Outlook Connecter 12.1

    I do-not want to sync the mail part, all I need to sync is the calander and contacts, but keep lotus notes as the default application for everything.

    Thats the software I have found, but not sure if its right for what I want. Could anyone confirm this for me, or even suggest another application?

    Many thanks.