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Quick quest Re the Advanced Work Flow Diagram

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  • Quick quest Re the Advanced Work Flow Diagram

    In the Advanced Work Flow Diagram so elegantly created by Scott Moehring -
    Does anyone know what is meant by the small square at the top in the collect section which simply says "Move closer"?

    It's sort of got my attention - heh.

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    If I remember correctly, the square represents a "note pad"...and the advice is to make sure you always have a way to capture your thoughts. Be it a notepad in your back pocket or what have you.

    Hope that helps.



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      Thank you for your reply.
      And yes I can see that it is to represent an inbox mechanism, but my question was more about what is meant by "move closer".
      Is it a cue to, perhaps, employ upleveling or down leveling?
      Also, any clues as to what program was used to create this diagram?

      Thanks, JC


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        Not sure about the program. It's a great diagram, eh?

        The "move closer" just refers to moving closer to our capture tools so we can write down stuff almost as fast as we can think of it. If there is too much resistance (or distance) to those devices (pen/paper, voice recorder, ect.) then we won't be "black-belt" with "capture".


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          Before i actually had read the book i thought it meant: move closer to the next action, i.e. define something proper instead of writing something down. Now i'd say it means something akin to get as close as possible to a complete mindsweep. Get it all on paper.