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another voice to text service and a ?transcription

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  • another voice to text service and a ?transcription

    Here is something like Jott but is currently free. It can send your message to lists.

    I am also wondering if anyone is using a voice to computer transcription service for long items like reports and letters, and what about brain storming? If so, what are some of the things to think about to make it work with a GTD system. For example, I would love to have my project planning go from voice to text. IAs I try to set things u0 so as to have a mind like water, I see that as soon as I start typing or writing my anxiety level goes up. I am a bad typist, an endless re-visor because as I read back what I wrote my thinking gets more clear. The reading back part is really useful to me but the writing it down part causes me problems. I am sure that if I would qualify for a diagnosis of written expression disorder but what really matters is how to work around it.