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How do you do GTD on your Windows Mobile smartphone? Please share! :)

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  • How do you do GTD on your Windows Mobile smartphone? Please share! :)

    I'm using an HTC Dash smartphone (Windows Mobile), and I'm exploring the possibility of using it to help me do GTD.

    So I'm just curious...

    What kind of GTD-type software are you guys using on your Windows Mobile device?

    I'm basically looking for any good WM software recommendations that you find useful for GTD. Freeware and/or paid software recommendations would be great.

    On a related question, do you have any tips or tricks to share for doing GTD on your WM phone? For example, have you setup your phone a certain way to make it GTD-friendly (NA lists, projects, etc.)?

    At this point I'm basically just exploring the possibilities for doing GTD on my WM phone, so any advice or experience to share around this topic would be great.

    Post away!

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    Hi Webmarketer,

    i am using a WM6 ipaq 212 (PDA only) to work my GTD. Prehaps we can share and exchange some info

    here's my set up:-
    1)original calendar - for all the hard lanscapes.
    2)original task - for next action tied to a day.
    3) TOMBO 1.17 (freeware)- a software which manage .txt files in tree form - for all my lists, reference, next actions, horizons of focus, electronic inbox.
    4)spb diary - so i can see my calendar and edit them on the PDA desktop itself.
    5)Dinarsoft taptext - a program which saves frequent used words/paragraphs for later use. just tap on it, and the save words will automatically pops out. i use this to "type" in my context. so all is consistent.
    6)Audionotes - for recording notes, lectures, seminars and my own thoughts.
    7)Mobsync (pc) - to syn my gtd databased (which are actually .txt files) to my pc to be used with TOMBO pc version. and to sync other files.

    other things i carry together with me:-
    1) my sony ericcson P990i smartphone
    2) a small palm size paper note book + small F301 zebra pen - for random ideas/thoughts captures. (sometimes, using "cognitive artifacts" is faster.
    3) iGo Stoway bluetooth keyboard for typing.
    4) Canon powershot A570IS for capturing images/pictures and namecards.
    5)Spare rechargable AA batteries.

    i think that's it. how about you?


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      HTC Touch Pro here....

      Also use the original calendar and tasks programs as they sync nicely with desktop Outlook.

      I second SPB Diary as a great today screen plugin to help organize tasks better.

      Since the Touch Pro has TouchFLO 3D as it's default interface, I had to tweak it a bit to still be able to use SPB Diary and the other Today Screen plugins. One option was to not use TouchFLO, however I was able to find a program called Second Today which allows you to have a second today screen. With a little help from XDA Developers, I was able to find a registry hack so that I could map the push to talk button to swtich between today screens instead.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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        I've got a Touch HD now but have used a similar set-up on the Vario 2 and 3 (outside UK I think it's the Tytn).

        I use Outlook for GTD on the desktop - I must write it my system sometime, but basically I use categories for contexts and altitudes and have a number of different views depending if I want an action list, project list etc.

        Pocket Outlook didn't have enough versatility for me so I've got Pocket Informant which allows more sophisticated views - e.g. collapsed by context.

        I've also got SPB Time which I use for the two minute timer and the 10 minutes on/2 minutes off procrastination hack - not GTD but really useful.

        Finally, the buttons on the Touch HD aren't useful so I've got a copy of AE Button Plus which allows me to add lots of actions to the buttons - the most useful for GTD are to be able to open a new note/task from one button.

        Hope that helps.



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          I sync the phone with Outlook and use Oxios ToDo List to manage the tasks.

          If you prefer to use Google, companionlink would also work.


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            Plain Vanilla

            Got the corporate issue phone with Windows Mobile.

            Syncs wirelessly (tasks, email, etc) to our server using OUTLOOK.

            I use the calendar for hardscape stuff, but then use tasks for projects and next actions and sdmb. I tweaked the settings a bit to allow tasks to be categorized and to only show ACTIVE tasks. When I finish a task it disappears from the list. Love the fact that I can add tasks anywhere and have them sync wirelessly. For a while I hated WM so much that I carried my Palm separately. I have since lightened my load and tried to keep it as simple as possible!

            Best of Luck,


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              Agenda One

              I use Agenda One on my AT&T Fuze (HTC Touch Pro), mainly for Tasks administration. It's very easy to customize the Tasks interface to group/sort by category, priority, due date, etc. You can assign categories to new tasks. Basically you get all of the desktop Outlook task functionality on your phone, and it is all synced with Outlook.

              It has a free trial period, then it's $25 to buy.


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                Hi WebMarketer,

                Some tips: use a tool that integrates well with email (like ours), because I'm sure that most of your work load comes through your email inbox. Review at least daily, and (ab)use of the related contacts (make the most of your calls) and places (you always will carry your mobile, so you can make the most of your visits anywhere).

                We just released Needian - Organize in 1,2,3. You can download a time-limited trial in our website ( and it's only 10€ now.

                See a 3 minutes video:


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                  How do you do GTD on your Windows Mobile smartphone? Please share!

                  I,m using HTC touch Pro and i use similar software like dragonyx use

                  It's very usefull to organize my time and of course my work...

                  SPB diary it's very powerfull software but little expensive ( in My opinions )



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                    Microsoft Outlook 2010 with HP iPAQ 210 PDA

                    After many years of using a Palm PDA with Outlook, I got fed up with Palm's decline in product quality and support for the PalmOS. HP iPAQ was my only other alternative unless I got a smartphone (for which I'm not willing to pay). I had to get a couple of add-ons to my PDA software:

                    PhatNotes for Microsoft Outlook (Allows organization of notes by category)
                    ScreenWriter for Windows Mobile (captures free form notes like the Palm Notepad)
                    HandyShopper (the reason why I stuck with Palm for so long, but the Windows Mobile version is nicer)