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Lotus Notes (work), Outlook (home), PDA and GTD - a mess!

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  • Lotus Notes (work), Outlook (home), PDA and GTD - a mess!

    I am relatively new to the GTD methodology. I, somewhat unfortunately, am forced to use Lotus Notes at work. I sync to my palm from Notes using Easy Sync which is good. I have been syncing to my Palm Desktop software at home. I absolutely love the Palm for GTD.

    I am in the process of sending out a number of emails to friends and family for the holidays from my home computer. I use Outlook at home for my email software. Because I sync to Palm Desktop at home I need to manually enter email addresses into my Outlook to send the emails. I would rather sync to Outlook at home so that the email addresses I have in my Palm are automatically transferred to my home email software.

    Wow. I hope that is understandable.

    I have tried to sync to Outlook at home using Chapura software. The results are dismal. The information that syncs to Outlook is parsed and phone numbers are in the wrong places (work numbers sync to the home category etc.).

    I would also like to sync to Outlook at home so I can use the GTD addin.

    Can anybody help with this problem?

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    I use Intellisync for syncing with Notes, and have used it in the past to sync at home to Outlook. But I have really come to dislike outlook, and have reverted to Outlook Express and Palm Desktop.

    At work, I only sync the Calendar to Notes - everything else goes to Palm Desktop. Don't want all my NA's etc on the network.

    At home, I now use Jibe to sync Palm Desktop Address Book to Outlook Express. That keeps everything in sycn, and uses each simplistic tool to its best advantage.

    HTH, Des


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      Hey Mondo:

      Thanks for the reply. You may have solved a major problem for me. I didn't realize Intellisync allows one to sync some apps to Notes and others to Palm Desktop. I really hate how Address and ToDo items are synced to Notes with EasySync.

      Are you happy with the way Intellisync works with Notes/Desktop? Let me know and I will purchase it immediately.

      I was only thinking of syncing to Outlook on my home PC so I wouldn't have to copy email addresses from Palm Desktop to Outlook Express to send emails.

      Thanks again,



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        Hi Chris

        I've been using Intellisync for a few years, and I like the way it works. OK, it has some quirks, but I've had a good chance to get used to them. Really the best thing is that I can sync to more than one PIM (although only 1 for each application on any one sync).

        For the home, try Jibe (, and allow that to sync Palm Desktop and OE. Its much simpler.

        Good luck