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My tips - Palm Tungsten C the best for GTD

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  • My tips - Palm Tungsten C the best for GTD

    I like handhelds and I like GTD. After having tried many handhelds (old Palms, Tungsten T3, Tungsten C, Ipaq 4150, Ipaq 5450), my clear favorite for GTD is the Palm platform to begin with. It fits GTD perfectly. And if you work with excel and word documents often the keyboard on Tungsten C makes it stand out from the other. - - It is big difference to put in text with the keyboard.

    I can really recommend this powerful tool for GTD.

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    Grafitti vs. keyboard

    I can input text faster using Grafitti than the tiny keyboard. Palm is OK for GTD but keyboard availability is an option not the main requirement.


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      I and many college feel a tremedous difference in speed and we are pretty good at graffiti.

      Also one of the leading magazine (Mobil) for handhelds in Sweden notice how much better a keyboard is.

      But if You are so fast with graffiti of course use it, but for most I am sure a keyboard is much faster.


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        international keyboard issue

        Tiny palmtop keyboards are OK if your language is English. Other languages have characters which are not present on the keyboard. Users must use two-key combinations. It can be difficult. For example Polish language has nine additional characters. On PC keyboard they can be entered using right Alt key with one from the following list: a,c,e,l,n,o,s,x,z. For capital letters users have to press Shift,right Alt and the appropriate letter at the same time. How can you do it on a thumb operated keyboard?


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          For capital just hold down the key a little bit longer. For ń hold a and three fast push with navigator. For ─ caps first then as above. When you git this "in you fingers" it works fast and you do not think about it, it is "in your fingers".


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            Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

            Hope everyone had a happy holiday

            That being said....

            WHY are we having this debate? (lol)

            David Allen himself has said (numerous times) that no two people will implement GTD in exactly the same way. That includes the tools that they use to do it. (Hell, I've even considered the merits of going back to paper at times... and NO, I'm not going to tell you which Palm I use....You can find it out for yourself if you're that

            That means there is NO PERFECT TOOL for GTD. Only the "perfect tool" that works for YOU as a perfect individual - in your individual interpretation of the GTD model of reality.

            - There was an old Master travelling the seas to be buried with his wife. He was accompanied by a relatively naive student and a travelling companion. The student asked his travellling companion what religion the Master followed, rattling off a list of possible answers.

            The travelling companion replied: "It is all of those, and none of those. It is his own religion."

            "Come on - a one-man religion???" The student retorted

            "Is there really any other kind?" answered the Companion.

            Seasons Greetings


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              Of course. It is only my opinion. My tips for what I have noticed be the best tool for GTD and get work done. Only a tips not a law!


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                BJ, any experiences w/wireless hotsync?

                Just curious if you have ever tried to hotsync using your 802.11 connection. If so, do you have any sense of comparison between hotsync speed vs USB?


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                  I have not tested it yet but will try to do that soon.