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Suggestions for A Task Manager Program

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  • Suggestions for A Task Manager Program

    I'm looking for a web-based task management program and am realizing there are almost too many choices.

    Since many of you have experience with various programs, I like to hear your suggestions.

    Here is my list of must haves:
    • The ability to assign multiple categories to a task - at least 2 (e.g. call, next!)
    • Notes in tasks - I need to be able to add detailed notes about a specific tasks
    • Unlimited categories and tasks
    • Keyword search functionality
    • Can be accessed via mobile phone - I don't a need a specific ap, as long as I can view it on a smartphone (I'm probably getting the Palm Pre)
    • Syncs with Google Calendar
    • Can send add tasks via email or Twitter
    • Can be viewed on Windows

    Optional, but not necessities
    • Easy next action views
    • Sync with Outlook - either directly or via text/csv files
    • Can export
    • Has a Palm Pre ap (probably not announced, but since I'm giving a wish list.. )
    • Is iPhone compatible - if the Pre turns out to be a disaster, I'll probably switch
    • iCal compatible (I've got Windows at work and a Mac at home)

    As far as cost, I would prefer less than $100 per year.

    I'm using Outlook right now with Oxis ToDo List on my windows mobile smartphone. The calendar functionality works fine, it's the tasks that are driving me nuts. I like the way Outlook handles tasks, including categorization and search, but the syncing with my smartphone and 2 PCs has been a nightmare. I'm done with Windows Mobile and need to transition the system to something else.

    Programs I've looked at:
    • It seems like Nozbe and Toodledo get a lot of discussions.
    • There is also Remember the Milk, which I ruled out before, but should probably give another look at.
    • Hiveminder, Vitalist, EasyTask Manager and Mindjet all looked kind of interesting.

    Based on what I've said and what you've used, please give me suggestions. Comments on the any above programs would be welcome, but if you have another alternative, please let me know.

    (And for you paper based folks - I personally need a digital solution. That is would work best for me.)

    Thanks in advance.

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    I just know a good one for BlackBerry devices but not for the desktop