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Rolling Laptop Bag??

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  • Rolling Laptop Bag??


    I have been fortunate enough to secure a new position which means I will be working from Home and on the road rather than from an office.

    I have been looking for a rolling laptop bag that can hold 2-3 days worth of clothes, toiletries, etc, as well as a laptop that can be checked into overhead compartments on infrequent plane trips.

    I have seen the Swissgear/Wenger Patriot Laptop Bag which looks really cool, especially as I can leave part of the bag at the hotel as it also has a separate laptop bag that can go into the bigger bag (hope this makes sense).

    Has anyone used this Bag or have any other recommendations for a suitable product that I can source in the UK.

    I have put a link to the bag in question in case my wittering isn't clear!



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    Look at Briggs and Riley. Reliable, durable, functional designs. Not cheap, but an iron-clad warranty. The "swiss army knife" stuff is somewhat less well made, and over-designed to look good before you buy, but not so practical. I've traveled for up to three weeks abroad on a combination of business and vacation with two bags: a Briggs and Riley carry-on and a Briggs and Riley backpack.


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      Check at, they have some nice variants.


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        You need an Rolling Laptop Bag, as u said you have to work hard now then before, i must say, you can check luggageonline
        i hope this will work for you.

        Keep Sharing and Have a great time.....