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Need BETA Testers for ActionPad Productivity App (BlackBerry)

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  • Need BETA Testers for ActionPad Productivity App (BlackBerry)

    The fastest Memo Manager you can find!

    ActionPad is an application for BlackBerry® Wireless Handhelds which provides quick ways to manage memos on the device. It synchronizes with Mac and Windows PCs as well as enterprise systems via cable or wireless.

    ActionPad follows the same successful approach as NextAction! (our GTD task manager) and TaskMaster (more general task management) to quickly rotate through categories for creating, processing and reviewing items.

    We just released a new version update which was mainly covering the integration part of ActionPad. It is now very easy to create a memo from every BlackBerry program you can find on your device. Therefore, ActionPad integrates into them and provides a menu item for quick copy/paste and create a new memo in ActionPad with just one click. Check it out for free!

    ActionPad: Free and Open Beta Test

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    As a participant in this program, I encourage BB users to give this a try. It's stable and performs well. Though it's not a 'one size fits all' app, it will have great appeal to former Palm users as many features parallel Palms Memo app with other features similar to MemoLeaf. I have not yet tried the latest version with the integration features described above, but prior feature upgrades ha ve performed very well.



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      I am using this since the first beta version. It is just awesome! I never used the original MemoPad really because it is quite cumbersome to use. ActionPad has simplicity yet good features. The new "integration" features work very well and let me create a memo out of an email very quickly. This was an important thing for me and they added this!

      So ... I encourage BB users to give this a try as well. If you don't a BB you should consider getting one