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Drawing for free GTD software: June 15, 2009

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  • Drawing for free GTD software: June 15, 2009

    I've decided to take a short break from showing people how to get more done with Lotus Notes and eProductivity to equip them with a way to get more done: I've decided to give away licenses and subscriptions to some of my favorite GTD productivity software.

    Here are the applications I'm giving away:

    ActiveWords Software
    eProductivity Professional License
    eProductivity Subscriptions
    GyroQ Software

    Details are on my blog.


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    This is a good idea. I am trying to get to know more about GTD and some of the tools that I need. I am reading the book now and have seen some improvement just in the way I am thinking as well as changing email to help get more done.


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      I thought it might be a lot to ask for, but this gives me some options to chew on. I think Things as some special print formats I will have to check more. I appreciate the options. given the high overlap of the communities you think a pocketmod print format would not be such a big deal to get done.