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Finally clear on what trusted system I want, now need help creating it

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  • Finally clear on what trusted system I want, now need help creating it

    Ever since I started GTD I have never been happy with my trusted system, to the extent that I did not really trust it.

    I finally have a vision of what I want that system to be, but I have not been able to make all the parts fit together, so I thought I would turn to all of you for suggestions.

    The key part of my insight is that I want my system to encompass all the horizons of foucs from collection to 50K purpose of life, but only need to look at that part of it that I am working on. No one program does all that, but I have been trying mind mapping from 20K to 50K horizons, and found that it works very well for that. This started me thinking about using a mind map program as a cental control panel, and use links to Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, Sharepoint and Project Server (all the work tools i need to work with) to get those higher levels linked to the 10K and runway.

    Sadly I have tried a few mind map programs and they all seem to have problems with links to anything that is not http: Have any of you on Windows had success in linking your mind maps to Onenote and Outlook? If so, what mind map product are you using?


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    Not mind map software, but...

    I do not know of a mindmap software that will let you do that, however, what about a personal desktop wiki? You could link to any file, whether local or on a network, and some of them are nearly as simple as a word processor and can be carried on a USB stick to use in any computer.

    My desktop wiki allows for a tree structure (like file folders), so I could have a 50k level, 10k level, etc., and only open that section at any given time. I would be just one click away from a different section, but could also have links tying, for instance, photos of a cabin that I'm designing as a runway project with some 30k lifestyle goal.

    I do not know specifically of one that will allow you to link to a specific Outlook item, for instance, as I don't remember if Outlook emails or tasks are stored as individual files, but it may be worth considering.

    This is just a "brainstorming" idea, as no one else replied. Hope you find what you need!


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      Linking Outlook et al to mindmapper

      Most of the commercial mindmappers allow you to do what you seek - e.g.

      Buzan's iMindMap

      They don't come cheap though.



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        Webbased toodledo


        you might want to look into
        Online GTD taskmanager (with optional iPhone app).

        In toodledo you can define goals at 3 diferent levels.
        (Lifelong, longterm, and shortterm)
        You can assign a goal to each task you define (optionally).

        If you are a subscriber (about 15 $ a year) you can see a chain build up over the last 30 days for each goal for every task completed contributing to that goal.

        I use it that way, using the folders in toodledo as area of focus and tasks with subtasks as projects.
        That way toodledo covers every thing from the runway to life long planing.

        I hope I understand you correctly, because others were more in the mindmapping direction.