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Sort of hard to beat index cards and a Hipster calendar!!!!

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  • Sort of hard to beat index cards and a Hipster calendar!!!!

    Well....I used to just have a stack of index card lashed together with a binder clip and a generic calendar from hipster. Man, that worked well. I have an IPhone with Nozbe now. I can't stand the Nozbe calendar, plus, sometimes items end up 1 day too late or too soon. I love Nozbe, but get a better calendar!!!! Geesh!!!!!! Yeah, it is "better", but not by much.


    -start GTD immediately
    -calendar is easy to read
    -easy to use
    -very visual
    -infinitely customizable
    -seems more authentic and real
    -no batteries required
    -very simple and direct
    -you can lay out several cards in any fashion you want (multiple views)
    -better than a bound Moleskine because you customize the thickness of the index card stack
    -everything seems very personalized because it is in your own handwriting
    -when I delegate tasks to others, I just photocopy the cards with the tasks already written on them

    -if you have long lists, it can get big (mine was 7.5 mm thick)
    -sometimes your own handwriting is hard to read
    -if you lose it, you have to start over
    -if you use a cell phone, you have to carry that too
    -Now you have to carry a pen around
    -where are you going to put names and addresses?
    -The metal binder clip can scratch things like cell phone, so be careful
    -no web access

    I bought an Iphone only because of GTD, and I went with Nozbe. I like it, but sometimes I miss my index cards. I might go back.

    I think that GTD is actually very simple. But some of these high tech "solutions" seem very complicated. When buy all this software when a stack of vertically lined index cards works better for most people?

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    I agree

    I agree with you. I have returned to a really bare bones paper based "gtd" system...and couldn't be happier. I have gone from 0 to 100 and now back to about 25.


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      Well said.


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        We're redesigning the Nozbe Calendar and integrating it with Nozbe even better and making sure the time-bug with the iPhone app will be gone forever.

        The New Nozbe Calendar will feature a great view for the Weekly Review and a great way of printing the archived "done" items. I'm sure you'll love it

        Thanks for your feedback and comments - thanks to users like you we're doing everything we can to make Nozbe experience better.

        - Michael


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          3x5 for Capture, Some Contexts, Digitize the Rest

          I've found that there are some fundamentals:

          • 8 x 11 Paper
          • 3 x 5 Cards
          • Digital Tools

          There is a reason why 8 x 11 and 3 x 5 exist as standard sizes and seem to be the most popular. The latter are better for carrying around in a pocket, the former in a file folder or notebook.

          It is rare to find someone without the above three elements in their system. Digital tools can't be beat for backup, portability, and global access (via the web or email). 8 x 11 is great for mind-mapping and planning of different sorts as well as simple idea capturing. But 3 x 5 is unbeatable for those times when you don't have access to a briefcase. It is the cheapest, fastest, portable way to capture your ideas. Furthermore, 3x5 cards come in very handy for contexts where you can delegate to others. So, e.g., when going to the Hardware store, you can hand out 3x5 cards with your @ Errands (Hardware Store) tasks to family members so they can help you with your search. And there are lots of tools for organizing them as well.
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