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  • Wikis?

    Does anyone use a Wiki to organize their digital data?

    I tried to use one as a GTD planner but it couldn't move fast enough (for my needs). However, I'm finding it's a great way to organize a lot of digital information because I can link to documents, websites, videos, etc., and also insert images, etc., as needed. I can then store my digital general reference stuff in the file folder with the most direct name ("Diesel engine modifications" or "My car--maintenance schedule") and still find that data under a more general Cars heading.

    There are many wikis out there, some of which can be made portable (carry on a USB stick). I use Ubuntu (Linux) instead of Windows, and use Zim, which is a WYSIWYG wiki that moves fast, however, I have also tried MoinMoin, Tiddlywiki, Mediawiki, and Dokuwiki (also Dokuwiki on a stick).

    If you have a particular interest in cars or gardening or whatever, it can make it much easier to find the information you're looking for! Between a wiki and Google Desktop, I can find everything very quickly.

    Curious to hear what others have tried...

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    I use wikidpad. It is a personal single-user wiki (open source) that I have installed on my USB drive.

    It's sufficient for my needs - YMMV



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      TiddlyWiki is the one for me


      I use TiddlyWiki daily, like this: I create a TiddlyWiki-html-file for every new project, customer or joint venture (I run my own company).

      The wiki for, say, my customer Acme, I name WikiAcme.html and in it I collect all important information regarding that assignment (I am a consultant), such as my own notes from a telephone conversation, my own thoughts regarding the project at different stages, what we have agreed upon in a meeting et c. I also copy/paste the content of every e-mail that I may need in the future. Since it is safely stored in the wiki (and very searchable), I can delete the e-mail in Outlook and enjoy the immense benefits of an empty inbox a couple of times a day!



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        Glad to hear Tiddlywiki is working for you. I moved away from it primarily because I needed something that was more WYSIWYG. What I loved about it was that it was so portable, so I could access it from other computers with other OS's without even a Web connection.

        It's good to hear that someone else has found success with it. I'm testing out using a wiki in a similar way. I love it when a piece of "gear" works well.