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Throw your hole punches away!!

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  • Throw your hole punches away!!

    I have been lurking around this site for a long time, mostly just profiting from the inspiring posts of other users to get myself organized a little better. Now finally I discovered a thing myself worthy of a first post: it’s called the “Taschenbegleiter” (say 'tuh-shen-buh-gli-ter' ) by and is something of a revolution in planner design. First of all there are no spacious metal ring binders, but three thin metal clips folding in from top and bottom that hold about anything from your agenda, calendar and notebooks to tickets, maps, receipts and more – saving you space inside the planner and allow for a one item solution for all your stuff. Additionally the customizable design binder has a variety of options for inlay pockets for your business cards, mobile phone or iPod or what have you. It comes in standard A5, A6 and lately even A4 formats and you can choose from a variety of hip to elegant color combination for inside and outside. The outside is made from a flexible and very robust dancefloor material, which has a nice grip and the inside is wool felt. They also have an option for leather in two colors on their website, where you can customize your planner very nicely. The thing is all hand-manufactured in germany and so they even offer to embroider your name or logo on the inlay, which I have seen myself in a café who used the taschenbegleiter as their Menu – cool, though for me a little over the top for just my personal use.
    What I like about my taschenbegleiter is that I can clamp in just about any written material I like, without having to hole punch it first, which would be kind of bad for stuff like boarding passes or checks anyway. I can even sketch storyboards across two pages of my sketchbook because I can just move the clip binders out of the way if I need to, not to speak of writing freely for which the clips are hardly noticeable. All in all this little gadget helped me boost my organizational skills within days for it’s simple and quick solution(although I still need to work on my procrastination technique ). It’s very affordable in my opinion, considering your options, the great usability and the classic moleskine-like quality and cool looks. They offer a set of calendars, agendas, sketch and notebooks in A5 and A6 in their own design, but you can also use any 5.5"x8.5" materials and they will fit. So no more worrying about right sizes either – especially with the A4 option. The website was made available in English just recently so make sure to click on the “english” button on top of the site and check out the customizing tool on the website it’s really fun: .
    If you’re New York based, there is a Papery on 460 West 34th Street where you can have a look and ,maybe more exciting, feel of the Taschenbegleiter. Unfortunately it’s the only place in the states yet where you can touch before you buy, but I think it won’t be long before this changes because the small company roterfaden just got started and is already word-of-mouthing the creative scene in Europe.
    OK, hope you love it as much as I do and my post is useful to some people.

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    Very nice. Not sure I want one but they look really neat.

    Thanks for that.