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Best Online Resource to Manage Notes?

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  • Best Online Resource to Manage Notes?

    I take notes like a madman, and I listen to several speakers on several topics. I'd love to copy all my written notes into text that I can put into some sort of web-app so I can search and find a particular note quickly and easily.

    The challenge is this - I want to be able to search by speaker and by content separately, so I can search for when Robert Smitty said something about the new macbooks, and not get a result from when Bill Jeuit said something about Robert Smitty getting a macbook.

    Anyone use a web app to archive a vast amount of notes in a way that's easy to search and access?



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    I should elaborate - the way I take notes is a neverending series of bullet points and quotes, for example

    - Don't hit people when trying to be their friend
    - Giving people coal will make them like you less
    - Nobody likes someone who always wins and rubs it in
    - "Let the wookie win"
    - "It's not what you said, but how you said it"
    - When you break wind, pretend it wasn't you

    Many things don't have keywords in them, but I'd like to tag them with their topics as well as who said them.

    Any ideas?


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      Hi Evan,

      Check out Evernote:

      The metaphor is a never-ending scroll of paper. You'd have to make each bullet a separate note. You could then tag each note with multiple tags (e.g. "speaker: Robert Smitty" and "macbook").

      The tagging is freeform so it's up to you what terms you use. You can then display all the notes that have a particular tag. Also, you can use advanced search grammar to do "x but not y" searches:

      It's an amazing piece of software that's been growing rapidly over the past few years and developing quite a following. Worth checking out if you haven't already.



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        I agree with Mike. Evernote would be perfect. Be intentional about how you use their tags and it should work great.


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          Okay, so I'm using evernote - here's my question. When I go to add a new note for a quote I just heard, what do I title it? Is the title as searchable as the text? Should I just use the title for the quote and leave the body blank, or do I need to put it both places?


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            Originally posted by ahheck01 View Post
            Is the title as searchable as the text?

            Should I just use the title for the quote and leave the body blank, or do I need to put it both places?
            I'd probably just leave it blank, but that's up to you. With Evernote, pretty much everything is searchable which is what makes it so slick.