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GTD software on Outlook 2003

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  • GTD software on Outlook 2003

    How does Outlook 2003 work with the GTD software. Any issues, does it compliment each other?


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    Outlook 2003

    >How does Outlook 2003 work with the GTD software. Any issues, does it compliment each other?

    I have been using the plugin with Outlook 2003 and it appears to work fine.



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      Outlook 2003 Whitepaper instead of Add-in?

      Has anyone implemented the tweaks to outlook that are suggested in the whitepaper? I am using Outlook 2003 and can't bring myself to pay $$$ for a product that isn't ready. I was thinking about purchasing the whitepaper and making the suggested tweaks to outlook 2003?

      Any thoughts?


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        White paper vs. add-in

        Couple'a things:

        I understand that the add-in comes with the white paper, FWIW.

        The add-in appears to be good if you have a lot of email-based acitivity, but I understand the projects do not sync to the palm (or ppc), which I use.

        The white paper doesn't convey any great secrets. I bought it more than a year before I switched to Outlook, and got some good out of it even so. So no regrets here. If you'd rather not spend the money, just read the tips and tools on setting up paper planner and palm. The process is not that different.


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          The white paper only discusses ways in which to implement some of the main concepts, such as using categories for your @ ??? action lists, as well as how to make custom views.

          On the other hand, the plug-in adds some very useful functionality, such as linking tasks to projects (also tasks), some very helpful custom views, and some automation in terms of moving emails into @ action folders, and then back out upon completion. Because the projects are tasks with a category of Projects, they will sync to a PDA. It also allows for viewing multiple tasks related to a project, something I was lead to believe was only capable doing it the Project-by-Contact method, but that is definitely NOT the case.

          Having tried out the plug-in now for a couple of days, I definitely would recommend it. However, I am running Outlook 2003, and it doesn't work perfectly. Everytime I open a new email to send, I get errors, which require pressing OK numerous times. However, it does work. There are a few other tiny bugs that I've noticed, but it is worth a 60 day trial to get it up and running, and hope they get out a compatible version in the meantime.


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            Outlook 2003

            Thank you for the outlook 2003 update. That is helpful. Going the 60 day trial route may be the way I go. If they come out with a proper 2003 version, I will spend the $$$