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Mobile GTD'ers - What mobile device is your list manager on?

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  • Mobile GTD'ers - What mobile device is your list manager on?

    This is a poll of sorts, but I'm sure there are so many, I'm not going to make a poll. What do you use? Palm Pre? iPhone? Blackberry Curve? iPod Touch? Motorola Razr? Nokia N71?


    Alright, going to edit the first post occasionally to tally the results (up to post 31):

    10 x Palm:
    4 x Treo
    2 x Centro
    2 x TX
    1 x Pre
    1 x Z22

    10 x Apple:
    10 x iPhone (Nozbe ; rQall ; Omnifocus x 3, Things x 4)

    4 x Blackberry:
    2 x 8300 Curve
    1 x 8820
    1 x Storm

    2 x HTC:
    1 x S730
    1 x S640

    1 x iPaq:
    1 x 4150
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    Palm Treo (Windows Mobile 6), synced with Outlook which is actually just a conduit, as my lists are actually maintained in a mind map, the Palm is for next actions that I do away from my workstation.


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      iPhone, with the free Nozbe app. Works great!


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        BlackBerry Curve 8300


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          Going old skool (well, sort of)

          I have recently dug out my old iPaq 4150 and am using MyLifeOrganized on it as a list manager.

          The good thing about the 4150 is it's light, small, and easy to use - all I need to do now is find the stylus (cue Next Action).

          MLO on windows mobile is a great solution - and synchronising with the desktop is invaluable.

          All I need now is MLO for the iPhone....


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            BlackBerry 8820 on AT&T

            I currently use a BlackBerry 8820. I am in the process of integrating REXwireless software (To-DoMatrix) with my newfound GTD processes. I read in one of the web pages here that REXwireless has a free paper on using GTD with their software. Needless to say, thats my next stop after my visit to this site. I appreciate all your replies and means found for mobile devices and GTD.

            Kindly yours,


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              Originally posted by ahheck01 View Post
              What do you use?
              Currently Palm Treo 755p, considering switching to Palm Pre, iPhone or Google phone when my contract is up this fall.


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                My life in the palm of my hand...

                My system is Palm TX with ShadowPlan for Palm OS (outliner)

                ShadowPlan holds my project lists, next actions, Someday Maybes, Single Tasks, Recurring tasks and my agendas.

                Datebook 6 for my Calendar (hard landscape).

                Shadowplan syncs to the desktop.
                Datebook syncs to OutLook and Pimlical (Datebook Desktop Calendar)

                The whole system is called JoesWorld


                Joe Welsh


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                  I'm using a BlackBerry Storm with the Rex todomatrix and desk top programs. ToDo matrix is great and navigating it with the touch screen is pretty fast. The touch screen keyboard takes some getting used to but my speed and accuracy have improved with using it.



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                    I use a HTC s730 phone, and sync it with Outlook. It works fairly well, though the to-do-list function could be improved since I cannot sort the tasks within a context other than in alphabetical order. To be constantly in sync with my Outlook is great though.



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                      iPhone. I use rQall, a fantastic free app to capture ideas. I create to-do lists by speaking into the phone. Like magic, they appear in my emai inbox.

                      I think you can download the app for the Blackberry, but can't comment on how it works.


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                        I use a Mac and iPhone with the very robust (and expensive)
                        OmniFocus software and app. I end up doing more reviews than once a week
                        because it's so cool and convenient!


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                          Palm Z22...

                          Palm Z22 syncing with Outlook 2003 (with tweaks according to DA) at office and Palm Desktop at home. Simple, basic and never fails - a trusted device...



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                            The Palm Centro with Chapura Keysuite as well as Palm apps. Works very well.


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                              Keep em coming guys, I'm updating first post to keep tallies.