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MS One Note and GTD?

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  • MS One Note and GTD?

    Has anybody got any ideas on using MS One Note?

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    I'm using OneNote mostly for my Project Support materials (and my inbox for quick notes). I use it on my Tablet PC - so am using digital ink and typing notes in.

    I don't track my next actions in OneNote, although I do sometimes create Outlook tasks from OneNote project materials (which then sync across to My Life Organised)

    I've found OneNote to be a fantastic piece of software that has, until recently, been hidden away and not really marketed. As announcements start appearing about the next version of office, apparently OneNote will be included with all version of Office (which is great news).

    Can't recommend it enough.


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      MS One Note and GTD?

      Carl C at has written extensively of his use of One Note, Outlook and a tool he's written called DROE that complements One Note nicely. Check him out.

      (A different) Carl


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        I find OneNote great - provided I use it with some discipline.

        It's great because it makes it just SO easy to gather stuff together. It's my in-tray for almost everything that isn't paper or email.

        On the other hand, OneNote is very dangerous because it makes it just SO easy to gather stuff together .

        Oh look at that shiny bauble over there...