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A travel bag/briefcase

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  • A travel bag/briefcase

    I know this is a bit off of the GTD subject, but it does have to do with being more effective. In my new position, I will be traveling alot more and require a bag that can effectively handle my laptop and all of the other papers and stuff I have to schlep back and forth to the office and on my trips. Currently, I have a small Case-Logic case for my laptop and I have a simple canvas briefcase from LandsEnd for all of the other stuff. I want to go to one case and am working on minimizing and simplifying the stuff I carry. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Take a look at the Franklin Covey website....

    While David Allen might not agree with all of their philosophical points, I'm sure that even he would admit they have a wide variety of luggage that they are now offering....Most of which is aware that everyone needs to carry a laptop with them these days....

    They offer cases you can carry over your shoulder, or some wheeled bags too! I purchased the wheeled one for my girlfriend last year - who was commuting between NYC & DC


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      Briefcases et cetera

      This sort of thing is very personal, so think about what kind of space you need. The folks at my local Franklin Covey store send people to the luggage store across the mall, which has a better selection than they do. I would start by browsing the Tumi and Eagle Creek web sites to see what the possible designs and sizes are, and go from there. I would stay away from the bags at office supply stores: in my experience, they don't hold up. Luggage stores often have a range of products, and you again have to watch out for stuff that won't hold up. Personally, I use a black, ballistic nylon bag from Eagle Creek.


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        A travel bag/briefcase

        check out Great selection, availability and price. I went to a samsonite wheelie since developing back and shoulder problems. I can bring everything I need to be productive on the road.


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          The right bag for the job

          I definitely agree that the bag you need is based more on your personal needs than GTD. There are many, many options out there.

          If you travel alot, and hate carrying a laptop briefcase style, I would recommend a backpack style.

          If you prefer wheeled, then there are some great ones also.

          It also depends on what material you want - cloth, leather, metal, etc.

          I would shop at several stores and do a good deal of research on the net.

          I personally have a great leather backpack from Wilson's Leather that has file pockets, side PDA/Cell pockets, and a top accessory pocket. This is my fifth laptop bag is the last seven or eight years and the one that I like the most.


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            Re: Different Styles...

            I totally agree that it depends on the individual; and even the individual's prefereneces may change over a period of time (I know mine have).

            Even though my girlfriend was very satisfied with the wheeled Kenneth Cole Bankroll bag, that I purchased from Franklin Covey; I'm NOT a "wheelie person" since I tend to walk & weave VERY fast through the canyons of NYC.

            The product that I have been very satisfied with is "The Vertical Briefcase" from Lands' End. It is about 11-12" wide and abut 15 - 16" tall and DEEP! It has multiple pockets in useful sizes, and has a padded sleeve for a laptop sewn into it.

            The thing that I like most about this bag is that it is designed so you can use it three ways.

            A) Backpack
            B) Shoulder Bag/Messenger Bag
            C) Carry by hand - like a traditional briefcase


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              An acquaintance of mine runs this site:

              He doesn't sell anything, but he does really detailed reviews. He has always like bags and so he decided to start a site reviewing them. Now many companies send him free bags to review so that it is now a self supporting hobby.



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                This is the one I have had for other a year. I got it for cheaper than the price here (I got it from CDW)


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                  Check out for bags that fit the techie!

                  If you are a techie I highly recommend their stuff. They have nooks and crannies for EVERYTHING (CDs, disks, flash cards.. etc., etc. I can fit my IPOD, Dell Axim, Canon S45 camera and 15" screen laptop loaded with books. Their products are great and the customer service is sweet. I bought on of the shoulder bags after looking for a month for something decent.



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                    kensington saddlebag

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                      travel bag

                      Interesting to hear about the different bags that people use. I recently stumbled on an add for timbuk2 bags. They have messenger and detour that are suppossed to be useful especially if you carry a laptop.



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                        I'll throw this site in to the mix as they are having a big sale through Feb. 28th.



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                          Hello all,

                          You need an Laptop Backpacks, as you travel a lot so this is better for you as you can carry it easily and it will store all your stuff easily in one case, even i always prefer Backpacks because i have to carry laptop, so you can go with luggageonline, may be this can help you better.

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                            third or fourth

                            This is the third or fourth time I've mentioned Saddleback Leather bags today on these forums so I have to be careful not to look like spam.

                            However, I found that their site had something that would have fit any need I had, as far as consolidating and still looking professional while having a rugged bag.

                            The bags are pricey but you won't regret it. I own two (plus two wallets) and would buy another if I had the need.

                            Mine is a medium chestnut 14" briefcase.

                            In it, I carry:
                            Moleskine, Inbox, laptop + accessories, flashlight, mints, business cards, calculator, pens, sunglasses, binder, folders, clipboard, cell phone, extra 3x5 cards, medicine, my backup keyring, and in an attached Saddleback pouch I carry my wallet, UCT (when tucked away), keys, and a pen), and a digital camera.

                            I usually don't carry a laptop, but when I do it fits nicely.



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                              Skooba bags

                              As a real road warrier who's tried every kind of bag, I have finally found one that totally works for me:


                              Generally, Skooba makes good bags and maybe your needs a bit different, but this one is perfect for me.