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Newbie synchro alert: can this be done?

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  • Newbie synchro alert: can this be done?

    OK, please pardon my rank beginner clueless question(s) concerning synchronizing all my elctronic media stuff. I have the following:

    Windows 98 OS
    Outlook 2000+GTD add-in
    Palm VX

    I have my Palm set up basically the way David oulines in his book, and of course my Outlook set up as per the latest release of the GTD add-in.

    Is it possible to synch all this together? Right now I have an Outlook list of tasks I view and work with in Outlook, generated from email correspondence-- and a Palm generated list of tasks taken from out-of-the-office input...I would love it if the two proggies 'talked' to each other so that there would be cross communication and less double-checking by me between the two @Office task lists, the two @Computer task lists, etc. etc...

    If I'm being unclear I'll try to rephrase.......

    Thanks guys,


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    While I can't recall what comes with the Palm Vx CD, I know that most newer Palms ask if you wish to sync with Palm Desktop or Ooutlook and provide a program to do so.

    If your CD doesn't come loaded with such a program, do a Google search and you'll find programs to help you do this. My Sony Clie PEG-NC 73V comes with Intellisync Lite.


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      happy New Year

      Chapura's Pocket Mirror Professional has provided me with flawless synching between my Palm, WinDoze PC running Outlook w/the GTD Add-In installed, as well as my Mac running Palm Desktop at home.

      My only advice (if you ever want to synch to more than one computer) is to be very careful how you set up the conduits. Outlook, Palm Desktop for Windows and Palm Desktop for Mac (and other PIM's) are all databases once you strip off the pretty front end. They all parse and link their data differently.

      The ToDo list on the Palm seems particularly sensitive to this issue.


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        Thanks for the observations. I recall, way back when I installed my Palm software from the CD, that I had the option of synching with Outlook-- my worries were that the GTD Tasks in Outlook wouldn't load onto my Palm, nor would the Tasks Categories I had created on my Palm, carry over to Outlook. Perhaps I'll bit the bullet and try The Big Synch...



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          RE: Outlook and Tasks

          My memory on this is a little fuzzy - since it's been a while since I set it up...BUT

          At some point in the set-up process for synching to Outlook, you are presented with a series of checkboxes, and asked if you want the Palm Categories to overwrite Outlook - where they automatically become part of the Outlook Master Category List; or if you want those categories to be almost "subordinate" to the Outlook Categories.

          I've chosen the first option, and it's synched seamlessly.

          Make sure you set this very important setting properly