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Third-cut, 2-ply top file folders - in UK?

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  • Third-cut, 2-ply top file folders - in UK?

    Been trying to follow David's advice re General Reference Filing, in which he seriously recommends "Keep a big, mambo stack of fresh, new, third-cut, 2-ply top file folders instantly at hand". Unfortunately this turns out to be a very US-centric piece of advice!

    Does anyone know where to source these things in the UK?
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    You can get similar folders from, for example,

    They do foolscap size and A4 size in various grades. I plumped for the heavy grade foolscap size.

    Here's a link to the economy tabbed foolscap ones.

    The A4 folders appear to be the foolscap ones with one end cut off, so one of the tabs on the outside is shorter than on other folders. That's one of the reasons I went for foolscap.



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      Thanks, got them on Amazon

      Thanks Robert,

      I usually buy from Amazon and they're a couple of quid cheaper if you get free delivery:

      Elba folders on Amazon



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        I usually go for the heavyweight ones:

        Heavyweight tabbed file folders on Amazon

        Which appear to be rather more expensive on Amazon that I recall them being on Euroffice.

        I think this is a close as we're going to get to the ones specified by David Allen here in the UK.