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BEST software tools for implementing GTD on a desktop

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  • BEST software tools for implementing GTD on a desktop

    What are the BEST software tools for implementing GTD on a desktop computer.

    (I do not have a PDA)

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    the GTD add-in by netcentrics.


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      Add-in vs. Outlook set-up paper

      I have the trial of the GTD add-in. I've seen a couple of different opinions around these posts about which is the more beneficial tool: the add-in or the Outlook paper you can download. Certainly from a financial aspect, the paper is far more affordable.

      Originally posted by kglade
      the GTD add-in by netcentrics.


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        I've been using the add-in for a year and love it. I'm sure that it's saved me the money through time saved ... I recommend it.


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          the white paper is included with the add-in in the help section.


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            Don't overlook the Palm Desktop (PC or Mac). They are free downloads and don't require a PDA.

            I synch my PDA (Palm m505) with Outlook at work (no plug-in) and Palm at home. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. For example, I love Outlook's find feature v. Palm's. It filters lists with more detail which helps manage large numbers of items (e.g. lots of tasks). On the other hand, Outlook has so many features it is almost too many. Palm is simple and to the point.

            Good luck!


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              Outlook Paper

              I think they have removed the material covered by the Outlook PDF from the addin help file -- no doubt because you can now download the addin and try it out for a few weeks for free. Now, if you could somehow get hold of the help file from the first version of the addin...


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                Re: Outlook Paper

                Originally posted by Guest
                Now, if you could somehow get hold of the help file from the first version of the addin...
                See the thread at this link:


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                  Re: BEST software tools for implementing GTD on a desktop

                  Following the philosophy of keeping everything as simple as possible, I use only Palm Desktop for Mac. It's free, and it does everything I need. GTD is, at it's core, managing lists, and Palm Desktop is perfect for this. You don't have to own a Palm handheld to use it, and you can download Palm Desktop for free from the Palm site.

                  Windows Version:

                  Mac Verision:


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                    I've been happy with Life Balance. It is designed around a different approach to being productive but it works well with GTD. What I find handy is that it allows grouping of locations, so I can tell it I'm in the office and it will give me all of the categories that apply there such as @Calls, @ComputerWork, etc. There is a template for GTD available here


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                      For me, plain (OK, ludicrously complex) Outlook for tasks and calendar, with Listpro for outlining and checklists works reasonably well.

                      I lot of my input comes by eMail, so the facility to just drag and drop to the task list or calendar comes in handy.

                      I generally keep my task list grouped by category so I can drag directly to the right category.

                      Health warning: because of basic character flaws, I still haven't cracked the regular weekly review.



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                        I also use lifebalance. What is offers me is the ability to view my my life either by a list of all the projects and subprojects or by a list of next actions by context/place. The contexts/places are very customizable and the next actions are listed by priority (according to my preferences).

                        If you are considering it, feel free to contact me, as it takes a while to get the hang of.



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                          Daylite for Mac

                          If you need a full-featured client database and project manager for the Mac -- one which also works in terms of applying the GTD system -- Daylite from Marketcircle is excellent (


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                            GTD on desk top

                            I am really interested in how you use Daylite.-For your full client managment system as well as for David Allen. I am looking seriously at it. How hard was it to become easy to use? I am sure it will be but at the moment I am a little overwhelmed with all my set up choices etc. I need a full client data base managment that allows me to go back and look at details of cases that can be years after they are closed as well as complete tracking of what I am currently doing. I need to do something soon!



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                              TaskTimer from MOBIPRO

                              Hi there,

                              I have to say that NOTHING can beat the human mind and a paper-based A4 journal.

                              But to choose some software, I can thoroughly recommend TaskTimer from MOBIPRO. TaskTimer is the "electronic" version of Time/system's paper-based product, of which many posts here seem to think is based on GTD. With TaskTimer 2004, you pay $120 and it gives you an easy-to-use Windows app that helps you manage time, tasks, contacts, email and projects. It can also sync with MS Outlook, Lotus, and PDAs (Pumatech Intellisync required). It also can import mind maps from MindManger

                              The demo download gives 100% TaskTimer functionality, but each TaskTimer user created is limited to 50 logins to the system. It is definitely worth a look - if any Davidco member decides to purchase, I will arrange a discount - just mention this website.

                              Peter Coghlan
                              Product Manager