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The latest & greatest in palm/phone combos

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  • The latest & greatest in palm/phone combos

    There are some new mobile phone/PDA combinations on the market.

    Any reviews/comments/suggestions? I am still playing the Sanyo phone - Sony Clie' juggling act.


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    HandSpring Treo

    I use the handspring treo 180. If you like the Palm OS, I think it is the best combination out there. The keyboard version is fantastic. I've used the Palm since 1995 and would never go back to Graffiti.

    Its a great device but the phone software integration is still in its first iteration. Its decent but is not phenomenal. Given HandSpring's track record I would expect it to get better.

    The functioning of the device is a bit slow. For example, if you punch in a speed-dial number there is a noticeable delay of several seconds before the call is initiated.

    But these are minor quibbles. All in all, its been a great device to have. If you find that you're always carrying a palm and a phone, you may like it.

    If I could provide some advice, get the color version (Treo 270 or Treo 300). The 180's screen is a bit dim; like a throwback to the palm3 or earlier monochrome editions.

    Hope this helps


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      Does the handspring have a voice memo, and how much does it weigh

      I find the voice memo (90 sec of recording time) in my Ericsson T39 invaluable
      As the phone is so small I never leave it behind (comfortably fits in any pocket), and at the press of one button I can record any idea that pops into my mind - similar to David's 'evening module' but no need to write anything
      I then put these into actions once or twice a day.

      I find the phone/PDA combos a bit big, so I think I might not always take it everywhere


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        The handspring does not have a voicememo capability with the 180 and it weighs 5.7 oz.

        It is heavier than what I was used to (a tiny 3.5 oz phone) but I like the functionality.