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PDA owners: ever miss those large block calendars?

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  • PDA owners: ever miss those large block calendars?

    I switched over to a PDA a few years ago. I’ve never regretted the switch for to dos and contact info, but the calendar is a different story. Tonight I put one of those large (24" X 17") laminated block type calendars on my refrigerator. It just has blank blocks and can be customized to serve for any month of the year. I put the rest of this month’s appointments on the calendar using different colors for different categories of appointments. Somehow this seems like a huge improvement over the PDA calendar.

    I realize the perils of having duplicate appointments in two places, but has anyone ever tried:

    A. Keeping a duplicate “paper” calendar like the one above (in addition to the appointments in the PDA) OR

    B. Keeping with you a small pocket block type calendar for appointments and the PDA for everything else.


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    Scott, I've tried going back to a paper calendar and can't say I found it helpful. After nearly five years of PDA use, going back was a lot harder than I thought. PDA calendars are easy to keep up to date and aren't susceptible to eraser marks, etc.

    You noted the danger of trying to keep two calendars.

    I keep twelve month in view in my Outlook calendar program. This seems to help me keep the bigger persepctive on my busy schedule.


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      I really like having a whole month spread out in front of me, so I keep a duplicate paper monthly calendar on my desk, in addition to the calendar in my Palm. I know it's duplication, and I struggle with keeping both up to date and not leaving something out of one or the other. But that long-range big-picture view is too ingrained and too useful for me to give up. I need to see what's going on around a particular day, not just on that day. Like if I'm getting back from a trip late one night, I don't want to have a meeting at 8 a.m. the next morning. I also take the paper calendar to meetings and such when things are being scheduled because it's so much easier to see everything at a glance. But the Palm is sure handy when I'm running around and need to schedule an unexpected appointment, since I always have it with me, plus it holds more detail, like addresses and directions. I've found that I need both, so I make it work.


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        Another option...

        I, too, like to see a whole month or week at a glance, but I've found that I can look at that view on my Palm Desktop (or Outlook, if you're using it).

        My father keeps only his PDA up to date, but at the beginning of the month prints out new monthly calendar. That way, others can add updates as necessary, but he still keeps the important info on his PDA, and mostly worries about updating that.


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          I've been using MonthPlanner for this purpose and it suits me very well. I can also view my ToDo's from the same application.



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            At one point, I had actually contemplated going back to a paper planner from my Palm IIxe, mostly because of the calendar. I really like being able to see the whole month-at-a-glance.

            But I do now have a large Day-Runner calendar in my kitchen by the back door. I've done it initially for my husband, so he can see what's going on for the week or month, but I also like having it there as well.

            I concentrate on keeping my Outlook calendar at work totally up to date and sync with my Palm. The paper calendar gets updated as needed, but it's only for a quick visual reference, so I don't feel like it throws a wrench in my system. Plus, when it comes down to it, I don't think my husband really cares what's going anyway.


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              I use a Monthly Calendar on my Pocket PC. I do have the wall calendar at home where the family & I record meetings, birthdays, etc. But that's the "extra" not the core of my system.

              I use Pocket Informant, and with careful use of Icons, I can see at a glance when I've got a meeting, convention, birthday, or whatever.

              That's the best thing, and with just using my pocket PC as my primary calendar, anything that's not on it, just doesn't exist for me.

              That's my 2 cents.



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                I use Pocket Informant, too. Isn't it a great program? I love the ability to set my Tasks as categories and just see the list of categories and the number of files in each. And of course, the calendar features are superb.

                Ipaq Junky


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                  Ipac Junky

                  I wouldn't be without it. I too love the ability to filter by category, it cuts down the clutter and you can see just what you want to be looking at.

                  My favourite thing is the color coding of categories & category icons.

                  My sadness is that the new 5.0 won't work with my poor old Cassiopeia EM-500.



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                    I know what you mean. Thankfully, my old iPAQ died and HP replaced it (free) a year ago with a h5450 free. Wow! Counting the days fo PI 5.0!!


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                      I can't live without both

                      I know that duplication of calendars is one of the deadly sins.......but I have found that I need to plan my week and month on paper. I have been using PDA's since my old Apple Newton purchased in 1995, through two old Palms, a pocket PC, and now back to a Palm Tungsten.

                      I think I will start a new topic right now for people who can't give up their trusty day-planners and move totally to a PDA.




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                        I find datebk5 on the palm lets me get a good overview - can see different options in all the different views plus icons


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                          I finally found a Palm calendar that has an entire month view with text, not just icons (it doesn't support icons). The program is freeware and is called KSDatebook. The website is down right now, but you can get it here:


                          Direct Link to the file:

                          Check out this site for more info:

                          You might also want to try MakeSpot which applies colors to KSDatebook:



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                            KS looks very good - at long last an app. that will allow you to input duration. If it's not buggy, it looks like a winner. Otherwise, I will stick to HotDate (free), which until now is the best 1 week/ 2 week text viewer I have found.

                            Thanks for the tip, Tim.