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Asda Executive Notepad = Moleskine Clone for £3 (UK Only)

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  • Asda Executive Notepad = Moleskine Clone for £3 (UK Only)

    Hi All,

    While shopping in Asda (here in UK) yesterday, I noticed in their stationery section, two VERY Moleskine like notepads for a ridiculously cheap price.

    They're Asda own brand and are called "Asda Executive Notepad" - but you can't really tell them apart from the Moleskine's they're cloning!

    I couldn't help but buy one of each and I've got to say if you like Moleskine's you'll love these!

    The A5 one was £3 and the A4 version £4 (!)

    They come in plain paper or squared grid paper (I went for squared paper version) and each has 3 expanding pockets at the back. For less than £4 these are amazing!

    There's a couple of glowing reviews (one says these things are better than the real thing!) out there over at:


    I'm not connected in any way to Asda, or the 2 above websites; just couldn't resist letting you know what a great bargain these are!



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    GTD on a Budget Article??

    Hi Andy,

    That's great news, I was thinking of shelling out for a Moleskine, but now I might pickup one of these and see how it goes.

    I also accidentally stumbled across a potential Capture Notebook in Wilkinsons, called a Handy Jotter, 50 Ruled Sheets in a pad, top bound and easy to rip out, fits nicely in my ordinary leather 2 fold wallet.

    But the best bit is that they cost 9p each !!!!!!!!!!!!


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      ASDA notebooks

      I came across the same one and bought a few - the paper is much better than the Moleskine - good quality and great with fountain pen ink. Three pockets in the back make it more useful although it is a bit weightier (real word?) than a standard moleskine but worth it for the paper which is also perforated which means easy extraction for useful pages.


      Not linked to ASDA in anyway


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        too bad

        Too bad ASDA are UK-only, because I want to check these notebooks out.

        I even went to ASDA Direct but could not find them anywhere...

        Oh well. I'll just have to stick with Moleskine.


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          @rossbale - I like a bargain too, picked up some similar memo pads from Asda and again, only 9p each! Trouble is I've a stash of this things now, bought a while ago, but now I'm quick capturing most items digitally instead! Will still look out for those next time in Wilkinsons though!

          @niall - I was tempted to buy a few of these too and put them away until I need them - but as mentioned above I'm trying to capture as much as possible digitally or on my loose leaf A4/clipboard so a stash of Moleskine clones would possbily never get used!

          @JohnV474 - I've searched too and no luck affraid. Even entered the till receipt from the purchase so it uploads all the items into my "Favourites" on my Asda account, but didn't show anything in details for the notepads. Pitty!