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Is Net Centrics add-in really worth it?

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  • Is Net Centrics add-in really worth it?

    Testing the newest add-in for Outlook 2007 for a week or so, I started to wonder what is the added value behind the software.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that The Project Central is really one feature that is really makes a difference.

    Few thoughts:

    1. For emptying my inbox and processing incoming emails I drag and drop + right click. That way I create a calendar item or a task, with the original message attached. Original message no longer in inbox. Attached email message is fully functional - you can reply a message straight from task - level.

    2. For project management, I use groups in task window.
    One is "work projects", second is "personal projects". For a new project I create new folder in Tasks, and them i move it to a approppriate group.
    For each action in a project I create a new task (be it either email message transformed to a task or just my new entry). Every task, excluding "Someday/Maybe", has a due date and gtd category (@calls, @home, etc).

    3. For reviewing my next actions I use main task window. That way I can see all the tasks from "personal" and "work" groups in one place, arranged by due date.
    To quickly distinguish between "work" and "personal" items, I use two extra categories - green one for work and yellow one for personal stuff. That way I categorize tasks "Green"+"@call" or "yellow"+"@reading".

    So, when I compare my implementation of GTD to Outlook to Net Centrics Add-In I can see two downsides only:

    1. Can't assign a email message to a project right away.
    You have to: A) transform email message to a task and B) assign that task to a project and categorize it. So, two actions instead of one.

    2. No subprojects.
    Seems like you cannot create a folder tree in Task View, so no subfolders in task folders. (or maybe I'm missing something?).

    That said, I doubt if the add-in is worth its price.
    Still not sure though. Are there any weak points in my implementation? Maybe I am missing some features in the net centrics add-in?

    Another downside to GTD add-in is regular once-a day crashes. Not sure what causes them, but Outlook was stable before I installed the add-in.

    What are your thoughts?
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