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Opinions on Orla?

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  • Opinions on Orla?

    I just discovered an Outlook-oriented product called Orla ( that looks like it might work for me. Having tried many such applications without success (including the GTD Outlook Add-In, Jello, and numerous others), I'm hesitant to bungle up my computer yet again without seeing if others have had luck with this product. So, has anyone out there tried Orla and if so, what was your experience with it?

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    So close, but not quite right

    To be fair, I just looked at this. Your post prompted me to look at the web site and it looked interesting so the 30 day trial is installed.

    My initial impressions:

    1. My Daily Work is not by context, and there is no concept of context in the product. Major deal killer right there.

    2. It displays appointments AFTER tasks, which is large flaw. Calendar is the hard landscape. It should be above the tasks.

    Other than that it looks very interesting, but with those two issues I will be uninstalling.