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Tasks in FranklinCovey Plan Plus transfer to GTD add-in

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  • Tasks in FranklinCovey Plan Plus transfer to GTD add-in


    A quick & simple question I hope

    I currently use FranklinCovey PlanPlus v1.0.5 annd have downloaded the GTD add-in trial. With the tasks I have alrewady on my PC (& sync'ed to my Palm m500) - will they transfer OK to the GTD add-in if I uninstall PlanPlus? I know I'll need to reinstall Chapura to sync my task list (or should I say next item action list....) to my Palm.

    Anyone already done this install etc?? Any tips you can offer???

    Many thanks in advance.


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    You shouldn't have any problem, since both PlanPlus and GTD Add-in use the default task functions/folder of Outlook. The core task data is the same.



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      I just need to say ... reading this was kind of spooky. I use PlanPlus & am thinking of trying the gtd add-in, so have the same questions about my tasks. And my name is also Eric


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        Would that be Eric the half a bee?

        I have installed GTD over version 2 of Franklin Covy plan plus on outlook 2003. Works fine, but as GTD is much easier and simpler it has led to me abandoning Covy except in one respect. The Compass screen shows task and callander on one screen and alows you to drag tasks to calander. I cant find a similar split screen arrangement in outlook 2003 or GTD, although the manual mentions it I suspect this relates to earlier versions of Outlook.

        If I am wrong tell me. I will happliy dump the over complex Covy software completely!