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GTD Coordinator 2010, but starting now?

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  • GTD Coordinator 2010, but starting now?

    Hope that made enough sense to get your attention.

    I just picked up the GTD Coordinator Junior size 5.5 x 8 at Staples. Any ideas on blank calendar pages to fill in for now through Dec 31st? Refill packs are hard to come by but they don't have blank calendar pages.

    Of course I could copy & white out dates & rewrite or scan, pdf, edit and the print, cut, punch & then use.

    Any other comments or questions about this paper planner?


    UPDATE: After looking up the tip received from Kelly I decided to make my own blank calendar pages from now till the end of December. I did them in Word and they are fairly the same as the dated pages. I just don't understand why blank pages wouldn't have been a part of the coordinator. I'm good to go for now till years end.
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    Please write to about this. Thanks!



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      Blank Caledars

      Check out


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        I just picked up my 2010 GTD Coordinator junior size at Staples today. I thought I would have to wait until January to really use it. When I saw Kelly's post I sent an email to customer service and am awaiting a reply.

        Thanks very much Kelly.