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  • Filing Cabinets

    I need a recommendation on filing cabinets. I'm leaning toward the HON 370 Series. I like the spring-loaded follower blocks. What do you use that you like?



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    Filing Cabinets

    Hello Arthur,

    Although I don't know the series number (I got mine a while back!) I do use the HON four-drawer cabinet. It has the "follwer block," which for me is critical to my system. I can file without hanging files, and I can have a drawer less than 3/4 full!

    I would always recommend the following:

    - Get tools you like.
    - Put the cabinet as close to your work station as possible.
    - File ANYthing you want to keep right away (don't maintain a "to file" pile)



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      Right now I have to "To File" house


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        File Cabinet

        I got a legal sized HON with the follower blocks. I use unlabeled legal size pendaflex hangers with labeled standard sized folders. The larger hangers make it easier to slide the folders in and out of the drawer. The legal size was only about $20 more than a standard size. I ordered it from Home Depot online on a Thursday and it was delivered on the following Monday!

        I tried not using the hangers (which do take up a lot of space) in standard sized drawers, but even with follower blocks I had problems with folders sliding down and having a hard time finding the folder I wanted. Plus, to help keep them from sliding down, I had the follower blocks more tightly against the folders which just made it harder to file. I'm very happy with this solution.


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          I used to use the hanging files and have switched to using folders only. My desk file drawer does not have a sliding block so I use a book end instead. I use legal folders with a 1/3 tab all on the left side. I use a labeler with smaller font to keep the name near the top of the tab. To find a folder I run my thumb across the tabs which exposes the label and makes it easy to see the and find what I am looking for.