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Pay as you go smartphones for GTD?

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  • Pay as you go smartphones for GTD?

    Hi all.

    Anyone know of any pay-as-you go smartphones that can do GTD?

    I'm looking into implementing GTD in my everyday activities and was hoping to get an iPhone to help me with implementation and maintenance of the system. But I just can't bring myself to locking in with AT$T for 2 years at an excess of $100+ / month. Not to mention the upfront costs to buy into it.

    Currently, I have a company-provided cell phone from Sprint and I've been considering buying the iPod Touch to supplement it. But the idea of managing 2 separate devices is not too appealing. I'd be willing to give up the company-provided cell phone for a single device (and my company would be pleased to not have to pay it) if the monthly maintenance price is reasonable.

    Perhaps there are other alternatives I'm not considering?

    Thanks for any and all feedback.

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    Ok...I guess the pay-as-you-go smartphone idea is all wet. After researching some more, there just doesn't seem to be anything mainstream that I can tell. I guess I'll spring for that iPod Touch and make the best of it.

    Thanks for everyone's input.


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      Hi DCBC,

      From my experience, the best phones for GTD seem to be the Blackberries. Their built in calendar is very customizable (alarms, duration, etc), and the task list is easily searchable.

      Keep in mind that you don't need to get a data package for a blackberry, even though I find it quite convenient to have my email with me. If you don't want this functionality though, all you need to do is sync your phone occasionaly with your computer (I do this wirelessly through bluetooth) and voila! your system is with you.

      The latest and greatest blackberries will have all the bells and whistles. However they will be costly wiithout a contract. You can pick up a slightly older model such as the Blackberry Curve 83xx series quite cheaply on ebay. I had this phone before my current Curve 8900 and it was more than enough as a basic agenda / mobile calendar.

      Finally, in my opinion, don't go for 2 devices. A cell-phone nowadays is a ubiquitous device, because it's always with us. This means you always have access to your calendar (to check but also to add stuff), tasks, memos, contacts. I can guarantee you that your 2nd device will end up being a paper weight on your desk or in your bag...

      As a closing thought, I recommend blackberries because they just work, out of the box. No fiddling (palm) or hassle with syncs and software (Windows Mobile) or lack of software (iPhone). This is in my opinion, always.

      Hope this helps.


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        I use a pay as you go Palm Centro which works excellently for GTD. I think that counts as a Smartphone!