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Outlook Addin and Weekly Review: Best Practices?

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  • Outlook Addin and Weekly Review: Best Practices?

    I've been using the GTD Addin for Outlook for a couple of years and I love the functionality. It's really helped me get more organized.

    What I've not been doing is my weekly review (yeah, I know, I know). What's the best way to do that with the addin? Are there reports or filters or views? With what process have you found the best success?

    I'm new to the forums, so if I missed the answer to this in another post, please let me know.

    Many thanks,
    Luanne B.

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    Great question

    Great question! I've just started using the Add-in again, and I'm asking the same one.


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      Kelly's Guided Weekly Review

      I snagged the Mindmap of Kelly's weekly review and go through it every week now. It's not specific to the GTD Add-in, of course. This is material available only through Connect.

      The great part about the GTD add in is going from project to project ensuring next actions from within project central. Other than that, the WR isn't a process that you really SHOULD be shortcutting, in my opinion.


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        Where are the Netcentric's guys?

        The WR is an important foundation to GTD with the Add In being a great potential tool to help in the area. It is a bit disappointing that the Netcentric's website is outdated AND that they have been glaring in their absence adressing this valid question.

        Makes me wonder if I should purchase the software after my trial expires!


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          Netcentric has been great to me

          It could be the website is behind because they give great customer service, as I've had the opportunity to receive over the last two weeks.


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            I use the Netcentrics add-on too, but I wouldn't look at it as an all encompassing GTD tool. The add-on helps you be more proficient at other aspects of processing and managing your commitments and actions.

            For example, I get an email from a co-worker asking for some information. I can't reply back to them immediately because that information is in hardcopy and is filed in the project archives. I can use the NetCentrics add-in to Delegate the request, Defer the email to later, or move it to my Actions list. The add-on does a lot of the background work to create those events in Outlook. I use my weekly review to see those events in a much clearer perspective.


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              Doing the Weekly Review Process using the Outlook Add-in

              Hey Guys,

              I've had the same questions regarding how the Outlook Add-in can help during the Weekly Review process. The closest tutorial I've seen yet is Kelly's "Outlook Tips and Tricks" webinar.

              iTunes lists it as a 2+ hour webinar; but, it was actually only about 1:15 and very informative.

              I'm still in search of more topics relating to using the Outlook Add-in to do a Weekly Review. I'm going to watch the "GTD Outlook Add-In Coaching Series": Calendar/Tasks/E-mail/Notes (all separate videos). I think there may be more in those videos about this topic.

              Steve J.