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X-Pad - A Nifty Piece of Software (Mac)

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  • X-Pad - A Nifty Piece of Software (Mac)

    Hi all,

    I had a Palm Zire but now since I carry a laptop with me everywhere it became redundant. Consequently, putting my To Dos and Memos on it didn't make much sense--I found my trusty Moleskine notebook more useful--so I sold it.

    But I've been trying out a nice little program called X-Pad. It's for Mac, takes about five seconds to install and it stays in your dock. It's like a little notepad, but much prettier than TextEdit, and it keeps a sidebar with the names of all your notes. So unlike, say, Stickies, it generates no clutter whatsoever.

    It's written by a guy named Garret Murray, who asks for a donation if you like the software. I have no financial or other interest in this product, just passing it on.

    I've started putting my @ACTION lists at the top of the sidebar, and my MEMOS at the bottom (by putting adding a Z to each category). I save the middle for spur of the moment notes and notes that I'm noodling. Limitations? It doesn't sync with anything, but I don't mind that.