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Web based applications for GTD?

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  • Web based applications for GTD?

    I have been using Quickbase ( to create custom simple web based apps for keeping track of things prior to becoming aware of GTD. I am now in the process of implementing GTD and wanted to get feedback from folks who may have a had a similar need for a web based tool.

    Basically, I bounce between several computers and need a tool that I can get too where ever, the only solution has been a web based app.

    Anyone experience a similar requirement? Suggested solutions?

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    I wasn't familiar with Quickbase before you mentioned it, but I did take a quick look at it.

    If you are the only one using this, and you aren't using this to share information with a group, have you considered using a Palm handheld? I sync my Palm at work and at home, so I have documents and information with me at all times, even for all three businesses that I am active in.

    By the way, I'm a web developer so I understand wanting to use the web, but the Palm really is a great tool. There is even a discussion forum where we discuss implementing GTD on the Palm:

    Good luck!



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      GTD Palm Group

      I think Rick meant to post this link


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        if you check out this post;highlight=com

        this guy tried doing something like it.

        I'm not sure if it's operational right now though... so I guess this doesn't really help.


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          lwbecker2 - Thanks! That's what I meant.


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            IMAP e-mail for Palm?

            I agree that a Palm is the best way to have your task lists, calendar, contacts, notes, and e-mail with you at all times. You can synch it to your computer and on-line at the same time. I used to use Yahoo's service to do this.

            I also use my palm for e-mail on the road. I have a Trea 300 with Snapper Mail. Although I have not seen the e-mail application that comes factory-installed on the Treo 600, Snapper Mail is the best e-mail application for the Treo (or any Palm OS handheld for that matter) that I've used. Eudora is free and full-featured, but Snapper Mail handles attachments better and has sylus-free navigation features that I like and I find its interface easier to read.

            One this is missing: Snapper Mail doesn't support IMAP. Does anyone know of an e-mail app for the Palm OS that supports IMAP? I've set up my e-mail reader (Mozilla Thunderbird) based on David Allen's books and the tips on his website. IMAP accounts are better than POP accounts for setting up e-mail folders as action lists, because the email stays on the server and can be accessed from multiple locations. With my Palm I have to use POP3 to access my account. That means I download the messages , but leave copies on the server. So I cant sort my e-mail by next action on my Palm and have that reflected when I access my mail on my desktop.

            Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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              iambic mail supports IMAP

              iambic (the makers of Agendus) have a standalone mail app that supports IMAP. It's built into Agendus. I believe Palm's VersaMail app also does IMAP.


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                Thanks, I will check out those programs. I really like Snapper Mail's GUI and they are working on a new version that supports IMAP, but I might consider another program until Snapper Mail releases its new version.


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                  It's test message

                  Sorry, delete my message.


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                    If you're just after something to hold your project and action lists, try It's a web-based notepad.

                    From the site:
                    "OnlineHomeBase offers unique features. For instance: OnlineHomeBase actually "understands" what you mean when saving a phrase like "Remember to call John;; Monday at 3pm" (it will know to email you the phrase at the specified time). OnlineHomeBase let's you create easy-to-remember Web addresses that can be used for sharing OnlineHomeBase sheets in read-only or read/write mode (see for example). It's useful for group collaborations."

                    It can be pretty useful for sending yourself email reminders, though I've had hit/miss luck with that feature. I keep directions to my house in it so I can email them to whoever is visiting.

                    You can use it for free before deciding whether to pay $3/month for extra features.


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                      New app

                      There is a new web-based app here:


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                        I've looked at the tiddlywiki solutions and they might be appropriate for what you are looking for.

                        I've used them for Metadata storage and one of these can be found at: . There are a few variations on this software, such as MonkeyGTD and GTD Tiddlywiki. If you google tiddlywiki you'll find out more.

                        They store all of your projects and tasks in one HTML file so you can store this on a USB thumb drive or similar location for portability. I've heard a few folk complain that it can slow down if you don't archive completed next actions on a regular basis, but it might be worth a look.

                        Unfortunately I found that I needed e-mail integration for reference and I like using the Contacts-as-projects approach by Bill Kratz, so I've stuck with MS Outlook.

                        Good luck!


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                          Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I just discovered GTD-specific Tiddly Wikis, and I'm in love. I got tired of trying to organize tasks in Outlook based on the Davidco PDF, and I stumbled on MonkeyGTD.

                          It's nice finally having an application that is built around the GTD process, and makes recording projects and actions a lot quicker. The fact that it's stored in a single html file means I can move it easily between computers (I use Jungle Disk, which runs on top of Amazon's S3 online storage service, but as the previous poster said, a USB disk works just as well).

                          I packaged the html page in Mozilla Prism so I can run it in a slimmed-down window separate from my web browser.

                          It's going to take a bit of getting used to separating tasks from Outlook, but I like it so far. Thanks for the tip about archiving old actions, btw.