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Help! External HD not mounting.

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  • Help! External HD not mounting.

    Been using an Iomega 750g minimax HD for back up of photo's, music etc for an old Macbook laptop running OSX 10.4.11 but all of a sudden, it's decided not to mount on the desktop. I think it's just short of 2 years old and wouldn't expect a drive failure at that age. It's making some sort of disk noise, a bit like a stuck record, if that's any help.

    The last time it did it, i ran some software called diskwarrior, which seemed to do the trick (it did a rebuild or something like that) but it's not detecting the drive now, so i'm stuck for ideas as what to do next?


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    Take your SystemProfiler to check if it´s adressable with its unique bsd-name under /disks in your terminal.

    Then mount it via the terminal (man mount).



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      Drive mounting problem

      The "stuck record" comment sounds like a potential error recovery process that is failing, likely a data corruption that is non-recoverable.

      A couple of things to try, in addition to disk recover software. If you have access to another system, see if that system can "see" the drive. Sometimes, timing variations between systems are enough to allow drive access.

      Also, and this might seem a bit weird, try putting the drive in the refrigerator for a few minutes (say 5-10 minutes). Cooling down a drive will occassionally aid in accessing failed drive mechanisms, although this is by no means a sure thing.

      If you are able to access the drive, pull your critical data off of it as quickly as possible!

      Good luck.