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Blackberry adds date to undated tasks

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  • Blackberry adds date to undated tasks

    I have been working hard to remove dates from next actions that really should be done as soon as feasible, but that don't really have a due date. At that same time, I had to move from Palm to Blackberry.

    The Blackberry now is occasionally adding bogus, random dates to some of these undated tasks during sync. Blackberry forums report the workaround is to add a date to those tasks. After synch, sometimes half of my someday/maybe list is marked "overdue" with a due date in 1917.

    Have any of you found another workaround? And, if it involves additional software for the Blackberry, is there one that I can move to without a significant learning curve and without reworking my lists?

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    It's been a while since I had my 9630, but if I remember correctly, the issue was happening when syncing with Outlook. Is this your case as well? I'm afraid when I had the problem, I never found a work around and I ended up using RexDesktop in place of Outlook.


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      Right, happening during synch. There seems to be a problem with some of the recurring actions as well. Thanks for the pointer to an alternative task list manager.


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        The solution

        The solution:

        Blackberry Desktop Manager -> Synchronize -> Configuration tab -> Config synch... -> Tasks -> Configure -> Advanced Settings... -> Field Mapping: Now set the handheld "Start date" to NOT synchronize.

        Why does this solve the problem?

        On the blackberry, tasks don't have a start date. My guess is that Intellisync is finding a number it thinks is a start date, and that number is being converted into a strange start date in Outlook. In Outlook, whenever a start date is AFTER the due date, the due date is set to be the same as the start date.

        Here is the source